3D Acceleration

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GPU Used in Driver Issues
Adreno Qualcomm freedreno
Vivante NXP i.mx, Rockchip, Marvell, HiSilicon etnaviv
Mali Allwinner, Mediatek lima
Mali T Allwinner panfrost
PowerVR TI, AllWinner :( #262
Tegra 2/3/4 Nvidia grate
Tegra K1 Nvidia nouveau
VideoCore Broadcom vc4

Using proprietary Android drivers is possible with Hybris.




There are two projects for open source Mali drivers.

The lima driver is for the Mali Utgard GPUs, specifically the Mali 400 (2008) and the Mali 450 (2012)

The panfrost drivers is for the Mali Midgard (T6*, T7*, T8*) and Bifrost GPUs (G*)



The opensource reverse-engineered driver for Tegra GPUs is Grate (anagram of "tegra"). It seems to work with Tegra 2, 3 and 4 GPUs

The newer Tegra K1 and X1 use an 3D core that can be used with Nouveau instead with a seperate tegra display driver to handle the I/O