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This page is still work in progress and some information might be inaccurate. Check out the TODO list and join the discussion at wiki#59!

A list of GUI applications for postmarketOS, divided into funny categories. Some of these applications are not designed for convergence. Strongly inspired by Arch Linux Wiki's list of applications. If Alpine's package has a fork in pmaports, it is listed here.


Web browsers

Extensible desktop browser, tweaked for phones with mobile-config-firefox in postmarketOS. ||
  • Midori
Another browser, broken currently. ||
  • GNOME Web
GNOME's web browser, built-in webapp support. || pmaports
Open-source browser, core of Google Chrome. ||
  • Angelfish
Web-browser for Plasma Mobile. ||


Email clients

Email client of the GNOME project, convergent fork available. ||

Instant messengers

XMPP / Jabber clients
GTK+ Client. ||
Modern Client using GTK+/Vala. ||
Matrix clients
GTK+ Client from the GNOME project. ||
  • Neochat
Client from the KDE project based upon Kirigami. ||
Glossy, convergent Qt-based client. ||
Clients for proprietary protocols
Official desktop client for Telegram, unofficially convergent: requires a minor patch and has some issues, plus upstream only officially supports desktop use. ||

Clients for various web services

Reddit client. ||


Media players

Modern music player for GNOME. ||
MauiKit-based multi-platform media player. ||
GTK Spotify client for GNOME (proprietary backend and requires Spotify Premium) ||


Simple image viewer. ||
Screenshot utility. ||

Raster Graphics Editors

Rather minimalist painting application. ||

Camera Apps

  • Megapixels
Simple GTK-based camera app using the Linux media request API. ||
  • Plasma Camera
Official camera app for Plasma Mobile. ||

Podcast apps

  • GNOME Podcasts
Simple, basic podcast app. ||
Podcast aggregator, convergent fork available. ||


Runs on software rendering

  • GNOME 2048
The famous 2048 game. ||
  • GNOME Chess
Pairs well with GNUChess. ||
  • chocolate-doom
Open source implementation of the first doom engine, needs a nonfree doom.wad or can use the opensource freedoom.wad. ||
  • OpenTTD
Open source implementation of Transport Tycoon Deluxe. ||
  • OpenRCT2
Open source implementation of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, needs nonfree gamedata to work. ||
  • Snes9x
Open source Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. ||
  • OpenMW
Open source implementation of Morrowind game engine, needs Morrowind game files to work. ||

Needs 3D Acceleration

  • Xonotic
First person shooter, used to be called Nexuiz. ||

Not tested

Cute match-three game. ||
3D arcade racer featuring FOSS mascots. ||
  • MAME
Multi-purpose emulation framework for (mostly vintage) computers, arcade machines, game consoles and calculators. ||
  • QuakeSpasm
Modern engine for id software's Quake. ||
  • RetroArch
Frontend for emulators, game engines and media players. ||


Terminal emulators

A minimal terminal for GNOME/Phosh. ||


File managers

  • GNOME Files
Simple file manager for GNOME. ||
  • Index
Convergent, MauiKit-based file manager. ||
  • Portfolio
GTK-based minimalist file manager. ||

Archiving and compression

Simple archiver. ||


Simple file search utility. ||
Rename files in batches. ||
View file informations. ||


  • GNOME Clocks
Simple clocks app including global clocks, timers, alarms and a stopwatch. ||
Simple time and task management app. ||


  • GNOME Usage
Convergent system monitor. ||
Simple, minimalist system monitor. ||
  • Powersupply
Simple GTK app to view your power status. ||
Bookmarking app to pin files. ||

Onscreen Keyboards

X11 digital keyboard app. ||
  • Squeekboard
Phosh's official keyboard. ||

Documents and text

Text editors

Simple text editor. ||


A PDF Viewer. ||


Password Managers

  • GNOME Authenticator
Generate 2 Factor Authentication Codes. ||


Public transportation

Query public transportation information from a vast number of providers. ||


Maps application originally intended for Sailfish OS. ||
  • GNOME Maps
GNOME's Maps app. ||

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