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Use bootchart2 to profile system boot or a running system.

Configure bootchart2

  1. Add the bootchart2 package to your device.
  2. Add the following kernel command line parameters: initcall_debug printk.time=y quiet

Profile system boot

  1. add the following kernel command line parameter: PMOS_BOOTCHART2.
  2. (optional) modify EXIT_PROC in /etc/bootchartd.conf to define when the collector is to stop.
  3. Boot the system.
    1. mkinitfs will start /sbin/bootchartd.
    2. /sbin/bootchartd will run /sbin/init.
    3. Approximately 20 seconds after sshd starts (if using the default value of EXIT_PROC), the collector will exit.
    4. /usr/bin/pybootchartgui will create a visualization in /var/log/bootchart.png.

Profile a running system

  1. Use the command /sbin/bootchartd start (as root) to start profiling
  2. Use the command /sbin/bootchartd stop (as root) to stop profiling
  3. When the collector exits, /usr/bin/pybootchartgui will create a visualization in /var/log/bootchart.png.


This example demonstrates how to use bootchart2 with device-qemu-amd64.

  1. Run pmbootstrap init. At the Extra packages prompt, enter bootchart2