Coolpad Modena 2 (coolpad-modena2)

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Flashing a custom kernel is not possible yet, but McBitter is working on replacing the bootloader with a custom fork of LK (a proprietary fork of LK is already present on the device, but it does not allow flashing a custom kernel). When that works, porting pmOS can begin.

Most of the time is spent on documenting Mediatek boot process in depth. This device will be used as an example.

List of LCM's (the LCD control module) in original firmware

  • hx8394f_dsi_ld_cpt_vdo
  • ili9881c_dsi_ys_cmi_vdo
  • otm1287a_dsi_by_auo
  • ili9881c_dsi_ld_auo_vdo

Digitizer that is present on the model I have

  • TBD


Links to useful reverse engineering hints