Coolpad Modena 2 (coolpad-modena2)

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Flashing a custom kernel is not possible yet, but McBitter is working on replacing the bootloader with a custom fork of LK (a proprietary fork of LK is already present on the device, but it does not allow flashing a custom kernel). When that works, porting pmOS can begin.

List of LCM's (the LCD control module) in original firmware

  • hx8394f_dsi_ld_cpt_vdo
  • ili9881c_dsi_ys_cmi_vdo
  • otm1287a_dsi_by_auo
  • ili9881c_dsi_ld_auo_vdo

Digitizer that is present on the model I have

  • TBD


Links to useful reverse engineering hints