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{{Infobox interface
{{Infobox interface
| name = CoreApps
| name = CoreApps
| image = File:coreapps1.jpg
| image = File:Corestuff.jpg
| imagecaption = CoreApps running on LG Nexus 5x (bullhead)
| imagecaption = CoreApps running on LG Nexus 5x (bullhead)
| toolkit = Qt 5
| toolkit = Qt 5

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CoreApps running on LG Nexus 5x (bullhead)
CoreApps running on LG Nexus 5x (bullhead)
Name CoreApps
Toolkit Qt 5

A set of apps with constant looks across all the apps and can run in lower system without hardware acceleration and optimized for touchscreen.


Apps work smoothly on most devices with a working display, both with and without hardware acceleration.


There are some core features that make applications great to use on mobile devices. Some are listed here.

  • All the apps are light with lesser dependencies, use less RAM.
  • All the apps are touch-friendly and suitable for phablets and tablets and we are working towards that.
  • Apps use the precious vertical screen real estate properly. So, apps work great in small screens.

There are 19 CoreApps and they all listed here with their descriptions.

  • CoreAction - A side bar for showing widgets
  • CorePins - A bookmarking app.
  • CoreArchiver - Archiver to create and extract archives.
  • CoreFm - A lightweight file-manager
  • CoreGarage - A settings manager.
  • CoreHunt - A file finder utility.
  • CoreImage - An image viewer.
  • CorePad - A document editor.
  • CorePaint - A paint app.
  • CorePDF - A PDF viewer.
  • CorePlayer - A player based on QtAV library. (Not ported because QtAV is not in repo)
  • CoreRenamer - A batch file re-namer.
  • CoreStats - A system resource viewer.
  • CoreStuff - An activity viewer.
  • CoreUniverse - Shows information about apps from the CoreApps family.
  • CoreTime - A time related task manager.
  • CoreTerminal - A terminal emulator. (Not ported because qtermwidget is not in repo)
  • CoreShot - A screen capture utility.
  • CoreInfo - A file information tool.

Two apps are in development.

  • CoreBox - A touch-optimized panel
  • CoreKeyboard - A virtual keyboard.


All the apps except 4 are in the pmOS repo. So just install them by $ sudo apk add corefm


  • This apps can be used with any Desktop Environment. But recommended with i3wm, matchbox, xfce.
  • More usable in horizontal screen rotation.


  • Make package with i3wm + CoreApps as a interface.


  • Follow the Display guide to fix apps icons and text are small.
  • Some icons are showing discolor. Because of SVG is no rendering correctly.