Creating a service pack

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This is relevant for maintaining the repository only, regular users will not need this guide.

Here's the workflow for creating service packs:

  • as soon as we have the first patch that we want to have in the service pack:
    • create a branch for it (like v21.03.1)
    • create a discussion issue, where we can write down if something is missing or if something in that branch is debatable
    • add it to Releases (under Service Packs / planned)
  • after merging patches into pmaports master or aports master, that we want to have in the service pack:
    • just immediately cherry-pick it to the branch (no merge request and not much code review, we'll review before releasing it)
  • shortly (~1 week?) before releasing the service pack, create the merge request
  • after merging the service pack, publish a blog post with a short overview of changes