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Please add devices you're porting here, and write your porting progress in the wiki page.

Feature matrix

These devices are included in the postmarketOS source tree, and it is at least possible to boot them. To confirm that, either the screen or networking/serial output must be working. If your device fulfills these requirements and is not yet on the list, please make a pull-request and edit the list after it has been accepted.

Device Codename Status
Usb net Flashing Touch Screen Wifi XWayland FDE Mainline Battery 3D Accelerometers Audio Bluetooth Camera GPS Mobile data SMS Voice
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7" amazon-thor Y Y Y Y P P - -
ASUS Eee Pad Transformer asus-tf101 Y - -
ASUS Zenfone 5 asus-t00f Y Y Y Y
Fairphone 2 fairphone-fp2 Y Y Y Y Y Y P
Google Galaxy Nexus (GSM) samsung-maguro Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Google Glass (Explorer Edition) google-glass Y Y P Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Google Nexus 4 lg-mako Y Y Y Y Y
Google Nexus 5 (GSM) lg-hammerhead Y Y Y P P
Google Nexus 6 motorola-shamu Y Y Y Y
Google Nexus 6P huawei-angler Y P Y Y Y Y
Google Nexus 7 (2012) asus-grouper Y Y Y Y P
Google Nexus 7 (2013) asus-flo Y Y Y Y Y Y P P Y - -
Google Nexus 10 samsung-manta Y Y Y Y Y - -
HTC Desire htc-bravo Y P Y Y Y Y
HTC Desire HD htc-ace Y Y Y Y Y
Huawei Ascend Y530 huawei-y530 Y P Y Y Y Y P
LeEco Le 2 leeco-s2 Y Y
Lenovo K6 Power lenovo-karate Y Y Y Y Y Y
LG G Watch lg-dory Y Y Y Y - Y Y - - - -
LG G Watch R lg-lenok Y Y Y Y Y - - - -
LG G3 Europe lg-d855 Y P Y Y
LG G4 International lg-h815 Y Y Y P
LG L65 Dual SIM D285 lg-d285 Y Y Y Y
Moto G 2013 motorola-falcon Y Y Y Y Y
Moto G 2014 motorola-titan Y P Y P P
Moto G 2015 motorola-osprey Y Y Y P Y
Moto G5 Plus motorola-potter Y P Y
Mozilla Flame🔼 t2m-flame Y Y Y Y P
Nextbit Robin nextbit-robin Y Y Y Y
Nokia N900🔼 nokia-n900 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y P Y Y P P P
OnePlus One oneplus-bacon Y Y Y P P
OnePlus X oneplus-onyx Y Y Y P P
Ouya ouya-ouya Y Y - Y Y - - - -
QEMU aarch64🔼 qemu-aarch64 - - - Y - Y P Y - - - - - - -
QEMU AMD64🔼 qemu-amd64 - - - Y - Y P Y - - - - - - -
QEMU ARM🔼 qemu-vexpress - - - Y - Y P Y - - - - - - -
Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 samsung-s6500d Y Y P Y
Samsung Galaxy Note II samsung-n7100 Y Y Y Y
Samsung Galaxy S Advance samsung-i9070 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Samsung Galaxy SII samsung-i9100, -d710 Y Y Y Y Y P Y
Samsung Galaxy SIII (i747m) samsung-i747m, -i747 Y Y Y Y Y Y P P P
Samsung Galaxy SIII (LTE) samsung-i9305, -i9300 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Samsung Galaxy S4 (International) samsung-i9505 Y Y Y Y
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE samsung-i9195 Y Y
Samsung Galaxy S5 samsung-klte Y Y Y Y Y
Samsung Galaxy SL samsung-i9003 Y P Y Y Y P
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" samsung-espresso10 Y P Y Y P Y
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc semc-anzu Y Y Y Y P Y
Sony Xperia Z sony-yuga Y Y Y Y Y
Sony Xperia Z1 sony-honami Y Y Y Y Y Y
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact sony-amami Y Y Y Y Y Y P
Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet sony-castor-windy Y Y Y Y Y Y P Y Y - - -
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact sony-aries Y Y Y
Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact sony-scorpion Y Y Y Y
Teclast X80 Pro teclast-x80pro - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Wiko Lenny 3 wiko-lenny3 Y P Y Y Y
Xiaomi Redmi 1S xiaomi-armani Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Xiaomi RedMi 3 xiaomi-ido Y Y P Y Y Y

Status Legend

Code Meaning
Y Yes, fully implemented
P Partially implemented
- Not applicable -- device does not have feature
🔼 non-Android based device

Not booting

These devices are not integrated into the postmarketOS source tree yet. That is either because the devices do not boot at all, or because it does boot, but there has not been done a successful pull-request to integrate the code. In the latter case, if you have the device and can verify that it can be booted, please make a pull-request.

Device Codename Status
Apple iPod Touch 1G🔼 apple-ipt1g
Archos 80 G9 archos-a80 Still figuring out the flashing stuff
ASUS Transformer Pad asus-tf300t Framebuffer doesn't work
ASUS Transformer Infinity asus-tf700t Kernel compiles, not tested
ASUS Zenwatch 2 asus-wi501q Boot partition too small
BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900🔼 blackberry-dakota
bq Aquaris U chaozu kernel compiles, more is not yet tested
Coolpad Modena 2 coolpad-modena2
HP Touchpad🔼 hp-tenderloin Need novacom packaged for Alpine
HTC Desire Z htc-vision Kernel compiles, not tested
HTC Droid DNA htc-monarudo
HTC One M8 htc-m8 Kernel compiles, not tested
Huawei Honor 5X huawei-kiwi Kernel compiles, graphic output does not work
Google Nexus 5X lg-bullhead Kernel compiles and flashes succesfully, but device is stuck in a boot loop
Jolla Phone🔼 jolla-sbj Kernel compiles, can't get fastboot to work
Land Rover A9 landrover-a9
LG Joy lg-h220
Moto X motorola-ghost
Moto X 2014 motorola-x-2014
Motorola E Second Gen motorola-surnia
NEC Terrain nec-ne-201a1a
Nokia N9🔼 nokia-n9 Basic support has been merged
Nokia N950🔼 nokia-n950 kernel is booting
Qemu N900🔼 qemu-rx51
Raspberry Pi (inc. PiTab, Noodle Pi..)🔼 rpi Should be able to boot by converting existing Alpine image
Samsung Exhibit II 4G samsung-t679 Kernel compiles; flashing and booting are to be tested soon.
Samsung Galaxy Ace i samsung-s5830i Kernel compiles, haven't tried flashing yet.
Samsung Galaxy Ace II X samsung-kylessopen Kernel compiles, flashing works. Does not boot.
Samsung Galaxy S samsung-i9000 Kernel compiles & boots; framebuffer, touchscreen and wifi (partial) working
Samsung Galaxy S5 mini samsung-g800f
Samsung Galaxy S7 samsung-g930f Kernel compiles; Not tested
Samsung Galaxy S Duos samsung-s7562
Samsung Galaxy Star samsung-mint Prebuilt kernel reboots to recovery, pmOS kernel stucks at bootloader logo
Sony Xperia E Dual sony-nanhu
Sony Xperia J sony-jlo
Sony Xperia T3 sony-seagull
Sony Xperia Z2 sony-sirius

Other supported hardware

There are a variety of devices which pmOS users will likely plug into their phones. If the device is free software compliant (drivers and firmware), we should ensure it works with the OS. This is particularly relevant if the hardware offers an alternative to a non-free piece of hardware which is part of a supported device, such as external wifi adapters and gps units. These devices are listed below.

External wifi adapters

Atheros AR9271 chipset

External GPS units

See also

Milestones for the current goals and activities, the Device_Wishlist and The-big-list-of-who-has-what-device.