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Please add devices you're porting here, and write your porting progress in the wiki page. Devices are sorted alphabetically.

Officially supported

Devices will be officially supported in pmbootstrap when the encrypted root partition can be unlocked and graphical output works.

Device Codename Status
[[Google Galaxy Nexus (GSM) samsung-maguro (Google Galaxy Nexus GSM)]] samsung-maguro
[[Google Nexus 4 lg-mako (Google Nexus 4)]] lg-mako
[[Google Nexus 5 (GSM) lg-hammerhead (Google Nexus 5)]] lg-hammerhead
[[Google Nexus 7 (2012) asus-grouper (Google Nexus 7 2012)]] asus-grouper
[[HTC Desire HTC-Bravo-(HTC-Desire)]] htc-bravo
[[HTC Desire HD HTC-Ace-(HTC-Desire-HD)]] htc-ace
LG G3 Global lg-d855 fSTU
[[Moto G 2014 motorola-titan (Moto G 2014)]] motorola-titan
[[Mozilla Flame mozilla-flame]] mozilla-flame
[[Nokia N900 nokia-rx51 (Nokia N900)]] nokia-rx51
[[QEMU (arm) qemu-vexpress (Qemu with vexpress soc)]] qemu-vexpress
[[QEMU (x86_64) qemu-amd64 (QEMU for x86_64)]] qemu-amd64
[[Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Samsung-N7100-(Galaxy-Note-II-GSM)]] samsung-n7100
[[Samsung Galaxy S Advance Samsung-i9070-(Samsung-Galaxy-S-Advance)]] samsung-i9070
[[Samsung Galaxy SII samsung-i9100 (Samsung Galaxy SII)]] samsung-i9100
[[Xperia Z1 Compact sony-amami-(Xperia-Z1-Compact)]] sony-amami
[[Xperia Z2 Tablet Xperia Z2 Tablet]] sony-castor-windy

Work in progress

Device Codename Status
Apple iPod Touch 1G apple-ipt1g
[[ASUS Transformer TF101 asus-tf101 (ASUS Transformer TF101)]] asus-tf101
[[BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 BlackBerry-Bold-Touch-9900-(Dakota)]] blackberry-dakota
Coolpad Sky 3 E502 (Modena 2)
[[Fairphone 2 fairphone-2]] fairphone-fp2
[[HP Touchpad hp-tenderloin (HP Touchpad)]] hp-tenderloin
[[HTC Desire Z htc-vision (HTC Desire Z)]] htc-vision
[[HTC Droid DNA htc-monarudo-(HTC-Droid-DNA)]] htc-monarudo
Huawei Ascend Y530 huawei-y530 fU
[[Jolla phone jolla-sbj (Jolla phone)]] jolla-sbj
[[Landrover A9 landrover-a9]] landrover-a9
[[Samsung Galaxy S5 mini samsung-g800f (Samsung Galaxy S5 mini)]] samsung-g800f
[[Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 samsung-S7562]] samsung-s7562
[[Xperia Arc semc anzu (Xperia Arc)]] semc-anzu
[[Xperia Z2 Xperia Z2]] sony-sirius
[[Xperia E Dual Xperia E Dual]] sony-nanhu
Xperia Z3C sony-aries

Status Legend

Letter Meaning
3 3D Acceleration
A Audio
F [[Flash to device
M [[Mainline kernel
S Screen
T [[Touch
U USB Networking
W Wifi
X XWayland

A lowercase letter indicates partial