Fairphone 2 (fairphone-fp2)

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  • z3ntu

What works

  • The building process

Current Boot Process

This is what I did:
Use the efidroid lk.img (have to compile yourself right now) for working around an fastboot/lk issue in the stock Fairphone bootloader.

fastboot boot lk.img
fastboot flash system pmOS_system.img

Booting the boot.img doesn't work currently because of dt problems. Probably a similar issue as on the Mozilla Flame.

pmOS branch: https://github.com/postmarketOS/pmbootstrap/tree/device-fairphone-fp2
z3ntu's branch (maybe more up-to-date): https://github.com/z3ntu/pmbootstrap


lk = Little Kernel (that's what the bootloader which includes fastboot is based on for most newer devices)

dt = Device Tree (method of describing hardware, see https://www.devicetree.org/)