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* [[Dump_proprietary_flashing_procedures|Dumping your device]]
* [[Dump_proprietary_flashing_procedures|Dumping your device]]
* Information for [[Qualcomm]] based devices

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Currently, postmarketOS is still in heavy development, so it's not quite usable for most users. If you're an early adopter, or a tinkerer please checkout the next section below.

For devices that will allow ease of use to play with, it is recommended that you get a PinePhone (Mobile) or a Raspberry Pi 4 (single board computer) to use, as their open nature has enabled more stability than other hacked devices


  • It seems that every display environment (such as XFCE4) is using Lightdm
  • It is recommended you install CoreApps using sudo apk add corefm after getting a working install