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* Getting started with [https://postmarketos.org/blog/2018/04/14/lowlevel/ low level]
* Getting started with [https://postmarketos.org/blog/2018/04/14/lowlevel/ low level]
* Information for [[Qualcomm]] based devices
* Information for [[Qualcomm]] based devices
* Understanding device [[Firmware|firmware]]

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postmarketOS is based on Alpine_Linux so some questions that may seem unanswered here on our wiki can actually be supplemented by the Alpine wiki.


Currently, postmarketOS is still in heavy development, so it's not quite usable for most users. If you're an early adopter, or a tinkerer please checkout the next section below.

For devices that will allow ease of use to play with, it is recommended that you get a PinePhone (Mobile) or a Raspberry Pi 4 (single board computer) to use, as their open nature has enabled more stability than other hacked devices


  • It seems that every display environment (such as XFCE4) is using Lightdm
  • It is recommended you install CoreApps using sudo apk add corefm after getting a working install
  • You can build and run python programs on device, even using libraries Kivy or Pocketsphinx if you want a more complex setup

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