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  • ollieparanoid
  • PabloCastellano and robb4 on IRC: Workaround for red screen bug #54

Entering "Fastboot mode"

Hold Volume Down + Power, let go of Power once the device display does something (e.g. turns from battery icon to black screen).

What works

  • Touchscreen
  • Weston (has the red screen bug, but we have a workaround for that now 👍 )

What does not work

  • XWayland
  • The rest (Wifi, bluetooth, making calls, ...)
  • fbsplash only displays splash images very shortly, then goes to black screen


Looks like, we need to package the wcnss.* files for wifi. A version from 2015 can be found here. It's a Qualcomm chip.

Alternative kernels

These are not packaged yet in postmarketOS, feel free to package them.