HP Touchpad (hp-tenderloin)

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None of this work has been (merged/pushed/get correct terminology) upstream. Contact CmdrWgls on IRC if you're interested in working on it before he gets around to actually doing so.


  • CmdrWgls
  • (everyone on IRC)

What works

  • Nothing

What doesn't work

  • Everything


What's been done:

  • boot.img extracted from Evervolv nightly Android ROM
  • determined that boot.img is vmlinuz and not an Android boot image

Next steps

  • package novacom for Alpine
  • build device-hp-tenderloin


It looks like the actual boot process on the touchpad is just uBoot. We only need to package novacom for alpine to push images to the boot partition of the device.


Novacom sources can be found here. The specific repo and dependencies are as follows:

We might also need novacomd, not sure yet.