HTC Droid DNA (htc-monarudo)

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  • Ross Schulman

Current Status

  • Kernel builds
  • Trying to boot the kernel with fastboot boot ... freezes the phone, as does using flasher boot
  • Trying to flash the kernel with flasher flash_system or flash_kernel results in a remote:not allowed error, although this may be related to a corrupted partition table on my particular device.

What works

  • Nothing yet


Partition layout

device size filesystem description
mmcblk0p16 25 MiB vfat ~
mmcblk0p17 5 MiB vfat ~
mmcblk0p24 10 MiB ext4 ~
mmcblk0p31 48 MiB vfat ~
mmcblk0p32 928 MiB ext4 android system
mmcblk0p33 320 MiB ext4 android cache
mmcblk0p34 5.8 GiB ext4 android userdata

What have I tried so far

  • Pulling flash offsets from two different dlx ROMS. Both match each other and what we're using.
  • adb pushing the .img file and attempting to use dd to write into the system partition. Only succeeded in mangling the partition.
  • Reflashing CM-12 just to be sure that the phone isn't totally bricked, but CM installs just fine and boots properly.

Some theories

  • Ross Schulman's particular HTC Droid DNA is individually broken and/or not unlocked properly (but see the ability to flash and boot multiple different CyanogenMod versions)
  • Somehow the offsets are incorrect (haunting feeling this is it, but numbers were taken from previously mentioned CyanogenMod boot.img)
  • The dlx doesn't actually use the m7's kernel at all (this doesn't seem plausible given the number of places that have indicated it is true)
  • Ross is just mis-executing commands in some fundamental ways (the most likely of the bunch)