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Name LuneOS UI
Graphics stack Wayland
Toolkit QT5

User interface from LuneOS, a continuation of webOS (Palm/HP's discontinued and open sourced mobile operating system updated with Wayland and QT5). A UI port is under development.[1]

Current Status

The UI currently starts in QEMU and a couple of real devices, along with most of the core services.

This does not mean porting work is done, there's still a ton of work to get something usable day-to-day. See magmastonealex's trello board for more detailed status of the effort.

Current work can be found in master.

See The github issue related to this work as well.

Running (QEMU)

Choosing luna in the UI selection in pmbootstrap init is not enough to make it start right now!


  • postmarketos-ui-luna
  • mesa-dri-virtio (if in QEMU)
  • mesa
  • mesa-egl

Edit /usr/bin/, to set your desired input devices on the luna-next line. Run /usr/bin/ to start everything. The first-use app should open.

See also The Github issue for more instructions and ideas for getting this running on non-accelerated phones.

Complete the steps, when you get to the black screen, click where the "next" button should be. It's not clear what causes that yet.

Once the app exits and you're presented with the home screen, run luna-send -n 1 'luna://com.palm.configurator/run' '{"types":["dbkinds","dbpermissions","activities"]}' in another terminal. Stop luna, reboot, and start luna again, and everything should be usable.

Major to-dos

  • Running this on ARM (Everything is packaged. Currently seems to crash on non-hardware accellerated devices in swrast somewhere.)
  • Trying to get this running with software rendering (Appears to work somewhat, no luck on armhf yet.) Zhuowei has a lot of research here.
  • Getting the HAL working (nyx-lib). (Probably involved, but can support only a couple things at first)
  • Create init service files to get services starting at boot.
  • See magmastonealex's trello board
  • Applying the LuneOS patches for qt5-qtwebengine again. magmastonealex made a version that worked with QT 5.9, but these patches are incompatible with later QT versions (details: #1459)


LuneOS UI running in QEMU