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MATE running on Samsung Galaxy S Advance (i9070)
MATE running on Samsung Galaxy S Advance (i9070)

MATE is a desktop environment forked from the maintained code base of GNOME 2. It is installable on postmarketOS.


It works on most devices with a working display, works fine without hardware acceleration. Also it has Hi-Dpi support. So app s will look better and usable.

After the postmarketOS loading splashscreen you will get a black screen for 20-30 seconds before the desktop appears. This seems due to an issue with marco (MATE window manager):

mate-session[1377]: WARNING: Application 'marco.desktop' failed to register before timeout

Install MATE Desktop

Run pmbootstrap init and choose mate in the interface section. The Alpine repository already contains all the packages for x86_64, armhf and aarch64 architectures. Nothing has to be done to enable it.

After installation, the shell will automatically launch upon boot. If it doesn't, have a look at /etc/profile.d/ script.

For the official MATE instructions, see their website.


Follow the Display guide to change and fix display related issues.