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Please join our chat, so we can help you with using postmarketOS in real time. The chat is bridged between Matrix and IRC. We also provide an offtopic channel, which can be used to discuss your favorite pizza API and other non-related topics with the postmarketOS community.


In case you have no experience in using IRC, this is the easier method. You can just open a website in your browser (using the Riot client) to enter the channel.

After you register at any Matrix homeserver and join the channel, the offline history will be saved automatically. So, your questions can be answered even when you are offline!

Note: Our rooms are public & everyone can access the history even if you are not a registered Matrix user.


The following channels are bridged to Freenode, so that everyone can talk together (mind the ## for offtopic!):


Due to recent spam, you will likely not be able to talk (or maybe even to join) before you register your username on freenode (visit the link or just read on to the next section).

Help and guidelines for new IRC and Matrix users

As with every Matrix room and IRC channel, we encourage you to stay around for a while after you ask a question, and listen to the various discussions. Some people usually read everything that happens there, so it is likely that someone will answer you if they have the answer.

Due to this, please make extensive use of the off-topic channel to lower the noise in the others, and make the lives of those who read the entire backlog easier. Also note that everyone doesn't read every channel; if you want to draw someone's attention, type their name to ping them (doing this too often is considered rude, though). To prevent flooding the channel, please also use a service like instead of pasting your logs directly.

Remember that when you close your IRC client to go sleep, you miss out on half the planet. Please consider using Matrix for offline history and better rich-media support.

Special note for Matrix users: you can set the notifications setting to "Mentions only" so that you will only disturbed when someone writes your name.

I'm getting kicked out of the channels! Or nobody hears me when I speak!

There was a spam wave coming in recently on Freenode, so now you might need to register with Freenode to let them know that you are not a spam bot.

  • Open a new chat with "NickServ" (Matrix/Riot: open a new chat with
  • Register your account by sending this to NickServ: register <password> <email> (example: register dhg235h234jbb
  • Confirm the registration e-mail
  • Login by sending this to NickServ: identify [<nickname>] <password>

You can probably configure your chat client to identify you automatically. Instructions for automatic login with matrix are here.

Other discussion platforms

  • Reddit (we share photos/videos/blog posts of our development work there)
  • GitLab issues (for discussing bugs and features)

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