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== Relevant pages ==
== Relevant pages ==
* [[QMI]]
* [[QMI]]
* [[Samsung Modem]]
== See also ==
== See also ==

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Some devices already have modem support. Check the devices table!

Relevant issues

  • #520 N900: integrate ofono
  • #598 Let's get the cellular modem working! (presenting various stacks, general discussion)
  • #1054 Get qualcomm modems working (at the end of the thread scintill wrote a few wrappers and made SMS on a QC modem work with a downstream kernel without userspace blobs!)
  • #1314 i9195/Qualcomm modem support (scintill's work integrated)
  • pmaports#251 xiaomi-santoni: gets modem to work on the device

Relevant pages

See also