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Phosh is a mobile desktop interface based on the GNOME stack. It was originally created for Purism's Librem 5, but can be used on any device.


Using pmbootstrap, Phosh can be installed by selecting it as the UI in pmbootstrap init.

On existing systems, it can be installed by installing the postmarketos-ui-phosh meta package or phosh if postmarketOS specific customization is not wanted.

When running pmbootstrap install to flash a phone or sd card you'll be prompted for a user password. Make sure to only use numeric characters [0-9] in this password as the phosh lock screen uses this password as a pin. On an existing phosh install you can change your user password and pin in the terminal with the standard passwd command.

Starting Phosh

If postmarketos-ui-phosh is installed, Phosh will be automatically launched via the LightDM display manager.

It can also be launched manually by running dbus-run-session /usr/bin/phosh.


For calls to work, you need to go into the sound settings, and set the Configuration to "Make a phone call". This will redirect sound through the modem. Also check the Modem section.


Since the modem settings page is not adapted for small screens one can set this up via the terminal. This example is for mobile vikings Belgium. mmcli -m 0 --simple-connect=',user=web,password=web,pin=1111'

This makes phone calls work.

Screen Scaling

The Phosh screen may be scaled lower for better compatibility with existing applications. Change the scale by modifying the scale factor variable found in /usr/share/phosh/phoc.ini, which has a default value of 2.

Screen scaling may also be performed on-demand from the command line or by making an application by following the Purism Easy Librem 5 App Development: Scale the Screen blog post. Those instructions work well for devices running Phosh even if written for a Librem5 running PureOS (Debian-based OS). Keep in mind some commands will need to be modified to work on PostmarketOS.


App Is Mobile Notes
gnome-2048 game Yes
gnome-authenticator totp Yes QR scanner is broken
gnome-books ebook reader Too large for screen
gnome-boxes virtual machine Too large for screen
gnome-calculator calculator Yes phosh patches for focus issue
gnome-calendar calendar Slightly too large for screen
cheese camera Too large for screen, doesn't support ARM cameras
gnome-clocks alarms Yes Alarms are silent, possibly phosh issue
gnome-contacts contact manager No icon, doesn't allow creating local address book, phosh patches
baobab disk usage analyzer Too large
gnome-disks disk management Might work, detects no devices
simple-scan document scanner Slightly too large, requires cups setup first which is broken
evince document viewer Too large phosh patches
epiphany browser crash on javascript purism patches
gnome-feeds rss doesn't launch
nautilus file browser non optimal layout in portrait
fractal matrix client Yes
gnome-games game browser Too large gnome dialogs
geary mail client Too large
gnome-latex latex editor Too large
gnote notes Yes Weird layout for phone
eog image viewer Yes Bad hdpi rendering and sidebar is annoying
gnome-maps openstreetmaps Too large to fit in screen, casual scrolling the map works fine
gnome-music music player Too large to fit in screen
gnome-usage system monitor Too large phosh patches
peek screen recorder Doesn't launch
gnome-photos photo manager Too large
gnome-podcasts podcasts Yes player bar slightly too large
polari irc client Doesn't launch
vinagre remote desktop client Messed up layout
rhythmbox music player Yes Fits but with some layout issues
gnome-shortwave internet radio Yes Not very stable, probably radio stations fault
shotwell photo manager Too large for screen
gnome-software package manager Slightly too large for screen, no apk support phosh patches
gnome-sound-recorder sound recorder Too large for screen
gnome-system-monitor taskmanager Slightly too large for screen
kgx terminal emulator Yes
gedit text editor Yes phosh patches
totem video player/browser Too large for screen
gnome-weather weather Too large for screen

Purism seems to be using these unpackaged apps in their Phosh: