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Phosh is a mobile desktop interface based on the GNOME stack. It was originally created for Purism's Librem 5, but can be used on any device.


Using pmbootstrap, Phosh can be installed by selecting it as the UI in pmbootstrap init.

On existing systems, it can be installed by installing the postmarketos-ui-phosh meta package or phosh if postmarketOS specific customization is not wanted.

When running pmbootstrap install to flash a phone or sd card you'll be prompted for a user password. Make sure to only use numeric characters [0-9] in this password as the phosh lock screen uses this password as a pin. On an existing phosh install you can change your user password and pin in the terminal with the standard passwd command.

Starting Phosh

If postmarketos-ui-phosh is installed, Phosh will be automatically launched via the LightDM display manager.

It can also be launched manually by running dbus-run-session /usr/bin/phosh.