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These are applications which already exist for Linux and could be reused in postmarketOS with little to no adjustment.

Application Website License Type
nheko (Matrix) https://github.com/mujx/nheko GPL3 X11 and Wayland application (Native). Touch friendly version under development. #900
KDE Marble (maps) https://cgit.kde.org/marble.git LGPL https://marble.kde.org/

Apps that only work with proprietary services

Using proprietary networks takes away your freedom, consider not using these altogether (e.g. by replacing Skype/WhatsApp with Matrix).
Application Website License Type
smtube (YouTube) http://www.smtube.org/ GPL X11 application (Native Qt5) with some touch optimisation
ghetto-skype https://github.com/stanfieldr/ghetto-skype GPL3 X11 application (Electron web wrapper). Touch optimisation and notifications support.
whatsapp-desktop https://github.com/Enrico204/Whatsapp-Desktop GPL3 X11 application (Electron web wrapper).
ramme (Instagram) https://github.com/terkelg/ramme MIT X11 application (Electron web wrapper). Touch friendly
telegram-desktop https://github.com/telegramdesktop/tdesktop GPL3 X11 application (Native)