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Potential apps

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These are applications which already exist for Linux and could be reused in postmarketOS with little to no adjustment.

Application Website License Type
nheko (Matrix) GPL3 X11 and Wayland application (Native). Touch friendly version under development. #900
KDE Marble (maps)
LGPL Touch optimised mobile application. X11 and Wayland support.
LLs Video Player GPL2 Touch-based Wayland application. Ported to Plasma Mobile.

Apps that only work with proprietary services

Using proprietary networks takes away your freedom, consider not using these altogether (e.g. by replacing Skype/WhatsApp with Matrix).
Application Website License Type
smtube (YouTube)
GPL X11 application (Native Qt5) with some touch optimisation
ghetto-skype GPL3 X11 application (Electron web wrapper). Touch optimisation and notifications support.
whatsapp-desktop GPL3 X11 application (Electron web wrapper).
ramme (Instagram) MIT X11 application (Electron web wrapper). Touch friendly
telegram-desktop GPL3 X11 application (Native)

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