QEMU Nokia N900 (qemu-rx51)

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With 4.6 kernel, Pali's patch to mmc and right config with command line inside, qemu works for N900 emulation, including running Weston.

I'm using this config option to configure kernel:

CONFIG_CMDLINE="console=ttyO2,115200 console=tty root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 rootdelay=5 no-omap-wd no-ext-wd console=tty0 nokia-modem.pm=1 1 single"

And this script to prepare image / run it:


import os
import time

def cmd(f):

class Run:
    def __init__(m):
        m.qemudir = "/data/l/maemo/qemu/"
        m.pmb_tmp = "/data/tmp/pmbootstrap"
        m.boot = m.pmb_tmp+"/chroot_rootfs_nokia-rx51/boot/"
    def run(m):
        # kernel = m.boot+"vmlinuz-postmarketos-dtb"
        kernel = "/data/l/linux-n900/arch/arm/boot/zImage-dtb"
        cmd("%s/qflasher -m rx51 -x %s/xloader-qemu.bin -s %s/secondary-qemu.bin -k %s -o n900.img -p k=16072" %
            (m.qemudir, m.qemudir, m.qemudir, kernel))

        os.system("%s/qemu-system-arm -s -M n900 -mtdblock n900.img -sd /data/tmp/pmos.img -serial stdio -clock unix -redir tcp:5555:" %

r = Run()

Special qemu version with n900 support is likely needed.