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postmarketOS releases are created roughly every six months, following the release cycle of Alpine Linux. With every postmarketOS release, pmaports master is branched into a new release branch. The release branches receives security upgrades as necessary (from both Alpine and postmarketOS). In postmarketOS, we also provide service packs for the stable branch to ship fixes and feature updates.



Title Channel Branch pmaports Branch aports Milestone Announcement
Edge edge master master - -
Beta 1 stable v20.05 3.12-stable milestone#2 2020-05-31


Title Channel Branch pmaports Branch aports Milestone
Beta 2 stable v21.03 3.13-stable milestone#8
Stable stable v21.xx 3.14-stable milestone#9

Service Packs

Work in progress

(None at the moment)


Version Merge request Announcement
v20.05.1 pmaports!1813 2020-01-22

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