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|[https://kodi.wiki/view/10-foot_user_interface Kodi]
|fails to boot (rootfs not found)
|fails to boot (rootfs not found)
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The Samsung Galaxy Ace II X (GT-S7560M) is also sold as the Samsung Galaxy Trend (GT-S7560).

Samsung Galaxy Ace II X
Manufacturer Samsung
Name Galaxy Ace II X
Codename samsung-kylessopen
Released 2012
Category testing
Original software Android 4.0.4
Chipset Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon S1
CPU 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A5
GPU Adreno 200
Display 480x800 WVGA
Storage 4GB
Memory 768MB
Architecture armhf
USB Networking
3D Acceleration
Mobile data

Users owning this device



Before installing, ensure that your host computer and your copy of pmbootstrap is fully up to date and that your system has been rebooted since it was last updated.


$ pmbootstrap init

Select "samsung-kylessopen" as the target device and select a graphical interface.

Graphical Interfaces

Interface Info Recommended
none works, but 'postmarketos loading...' stays around with distorted graphics pmaports#280 Y
[1]Hildon Hildon ist not available for armhf architecture. As the device is armv7 this has to be changed and we can try again. N
[2]i3wm works, but as you have no hardware keyboard, you cannot use it so far (chance to get it work on touch only devices too) N
Kodi fails to boot (rootfs not found) N
[3]MATE works fine, suitable for dogfooding Y
[4]Phosh does not show up after 5 minutes, if this kernel has no DRM-Support, Phosh won't work, have to be checked N
[5]Plasma Mobile can not build for armhf architecture. As the device is armv7 this has to be changed and we can try again. N
Plasma Mobile Extras can not build for armhf architecture. As the device is armv7 this has to be changed and we can try again. N
Shelli works somehow but has distorted graphics N
[6]Sway cannot boot at all (possibly missing hardware acceleration), simply reboots after some time, maybe that's the known bug. pmaports#248 N
[7]Weston works fine, suitable for development Y
[8]XFCE4 works sometimes but I experienced some issues, reboots some time, maybe that's a known bug pmaports#248 and freezes at boot (maybe also known)pmaports#250 N
Matchbox Matchbox once worked, but was removed from postmarketOS N


$ pmbootstrap install

Full disk encryption currently doesn't work on this device, so it should be turned off for now.


Ensure that the USB cable is disconnected, then hold down Volume Down + Home for a few seconds as the system boots. This puts the device in flash mode. Once in this mode, enter

$ pmbootstrap flasher flash_rootfs

to install the rootfs. Once this is finished, put yourself back into flash mode and enter

$ pmbootstrap flasher flash_kernel

to flash the kernel[9].


Here is a list of tasks that are currently being worked on for this device, from highest priority to lowest.

Issue MR Wiki Description
pmaports#278 The_Mainline_Kernel Device isn't mainlined.
pmaports#242 Device reboots every 10 minutes.
pmaports#248 WiFi No Wlan internet connection.
pmaports#249 Audio Audio doesn't work.
pmaports#279 Device sometimes freezes while booting.
pmaports#250 Framebuffer[10] osk-sdl and charging-sdl don't work.
pmaports#281 Bluetooth[11] Bluetooth doesn't work.
pmaports#280 Distorted graphics before a window manager starts.


Hardware Working Drivers Firmware Info
Battery Y Model No: EB425161LU, 3.8v, Li-ion 5.70Wh, 1500mAh
Touch Screen Y Capacitive
Front Speaker N
Display Y
3 buttons (home)
Microphone N
MicroUSB Port Y
JTag Port[12]
3 buttons (vol+pow)
SIM Card Reader
Back Speaker N
AUX Port N
Back Camera
Front Camera
MicroSD Card Reader
Atheros chip Likely WiFi but no confirmation in sight. 600SG-CF18 \n PPCRII_OOIC \n 1217 TM
White mystery chunk N DMSP1115ASM-40, A3425B2, Contains rear speaker & AUX
CSR7828 Looks like a Qualcomm chip according to DDG, could be Bluetooth
eMMC[13] Y Samsung KMJJS000WA-B409, 4GB rw, 768MB RAM
Qualcomm RTR6285A
Qualcomm PM8029
SoC[14] Qualcomm Snapdragon[15] S1 MSM7227A
CPU Y (integrated into SoC) single-core ARM Cortex-A5[16] 1GHz
GPU Y (integrated into SoC) singe-core Qualcomm Adreno[17] 200 245MHz WVGA
Modem (integrated into SoC) UMTS/MBMS/GSM, Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service baseband support
DSP[18] (integrated into SoC) 350MHz Qualcomm Hexagon QDSP5[19] DSP
GPS (integrated into SoC) gpsOne[20] Gen 7 GPS module

Bluetooth is likely an external chip: "Bluetooth 4.0 (external WCN2243); 802.11b/g/n (external AR6003/5, WCN1314)" WiFi is likely as well, but camera support is integrated.

According to some websites this device may also have an FM radio, an accelerometer, a proximity sensor and a compass. I haven't found or discovered those peripherals myself but I know the device has a vibrator which most websites fail to mention. It's not on the list because I haven't physically found it yet.

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