Samsung Galaxy Ace II X (samsung-kylessopen)

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 x
Manufacturer Samsung
Name Galaxy Ace 2 x
Codename samsung-kylessopen
Released 2012
Category testing
Original software Android 4.0.4
Chipset Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon S1
CPU 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A5
GPU Adreno 200
Display 480x800 WVGA
Storage 4GB
Memory 768MB
Architecture armhf
USB Networking
3D Acceleration
Mobile data


Before installing, ensure that your host computer and your copy of pmbootstrap is fully up to date and that your system has been rebooted since it was last updated.

1. init
$ ./ init

Select "samsung-kylessopen" as the target device and select a working recommended graphical interface.

2. install
$ ./ install --no-fde

See the 'in progress' section regarding full disk encryption.

3. flash
Ensure that the USB cable is disconnected, then hold down Volume Down + Home for a few seconds as the system boots. This puts the device in flash mode. Once in this mode, enter
$ ./ flasher flash_rootfs
to install the rootfs. Once this is finished, put yourself back into flash mode and enter
$ ./ flasher flash_kernel
to flash the kernel.

Graphical Interfaces


Matchbox is a free software (GPL v2+) window manager for the X Window System designed for embedded systems. It's latest stable release was in April of 2012, the same year this phone was known to be released in the UK. It's rather lightweight, displaying only one window at a time, and has its own software keyboard built in, making it the interface I recommend the most for this device.


Hildon is an LGPL user interface for cell phones. It's optimized for single touch displays. Due to the lack of a working software keyboard (see pmaports#234), I wouldn't recommend it for this device.


MATE is a fork of Gnome2 fork in response to the negative reception of Gnome3. It's initial release was in 2011 (GPLv2, LGPLv2) and it's still in active development. It doesn't come with a software keyboard and it can be slow and buggy at times. It feels more appropriate as a desktop interface.


Xfce aims to be fast and lightweight, while still being visually appealing. It follows the Unix philosophy, with each component being its own project. As of May 2019, it's latest stable release was in 2015. It's licensed under the GPL, LGPL and BSD licenses. It doesn't come with a software keyboard. I would recommend it about as much as I recommend MATE.


i3wm is a tiling window manager for the X Window System. It's rather small and lightweight. It's initial release was in 2009 and is still in active development. It's licensed under the BSD license. It's highly keyboard driven, but doesn't come with a software keyboard. I would recommend this interface for users who own a hardware keyboard.


Weston is a demo Wayland compositor. While it runs nicely on this phone, it has very limited functionality. I personally wouldn't recommend it for everyday use.

Plasma Mobile

Plasma Mobile is a GPLv2 licensed smartphone interface. It's sadly painfully slow on this phone and rather buggy. I wouldn't recommend it.


Check out:



Builds and flashes just fine but doesn't boot past the Samsung splash screen. This is the kernel we want running on this device.

  • Version: Latest


This kernel currently doesn't compile, but it's the newest kernel that supposedly works for this device. Getting this kernel working should make mainlining easier, and if it proves to be better than FrankenKernel, it'd become the new default kernel. "make:*** [Makefile:949: drivers] Error 2".

  • Version: 3.4.0


This is the only known kernel capable of booting past the Samsung splash screen and besides the mainline kernel, it's the only one that compiles at all. This is the kernel that gets installed on this phone by default.

  • Version: 3.0.101


This version fails to build with "make: *** [Makefile:873: .tmp_vmlinux1] Error 1".

  • Version: 3.0.79

Other kernels

All of these kernels fail to build but have similar messages when failing.

LD fs/built-in.o

  • 3.0.60 abrake.android_kernel_samsung_kylessopen
  • 3.0.60 codename13.kernel_samsung_kylessopen
  • 3.0.60 Majonez.android_kernel_ba2x_2.0-1
  • 3.0.31 codename13.android_kernel_ba2x_2.0
  • 3.0.31 jonypx09.kernel_ba2x_2.0
  • 3.0.8 daver18qc.android_kernel_samsung_kylessopen

LD arch/arm/mach-msm/built-in.o

These ones get further into compiling than the previous list, but fail soon after.

  • 3.0.60 codename13.android_kernel_samsung_kylessopen
  • 3.0.60 jonypx09.android_kernel_ba2x_2.0
  • 3.0.31 jonypx09.new_kernel_kylessopen
  • 3.0.8 jonypx09.android_kernel_samsung_kylessopen


  • Version: 3.0.31

This one appears to have issues regarding patches.

In Progress

Here is a list of tasks that are currently being worked on for this device, from highest priority to lowest.


Mainlining is an important task for this device, because kernels and drivers that supposedly work for this device are scattered across various git repositories, usually forks of other projects, often heavily patched and abandoned. Relying on kernels that can have their repos deleted at any moment, that are often heavily fractured anyways probably isn't a good idea.

All of these kernels claim to be for this device however, it's not known which of these kernels actually work and how well they work. FrankenKernel is the only exception as it is the kernel that gets flashed when installing this device. See Troubleshooting:boot.

Device regularly reboots itself

This is almost certainly a watchdog issue, since the device reboots every 10 minutes. I'm currently working on disabling the watchdog. pmaports#242

Internet connection

The internet works fine using USB_Internet however, thee are no interfaces shown that allow WiFi. This seems to be caused by the lack of the linux-firmware-ath6k firmware but even when loading it, it doesn't work. A kernel patch is likely necessary. See pmaports#248.


The msm-audio card is detected however, turning up the volume on any channel except the master results in a crash. See Audio and pmaports#249.

Device sometimes freezes while booting

Nothing is known about this issue yet.


FBDirect is a program that osk-sdl and charging-sdl rely on to work. See pmaports#250

FDE doesn't work

FDE doesn't work at the current moment. See FBDirect issue.

Error starting charging-sdl

The device boots into charging mode successfully, but charging-sdl doesn't launch, with "error starting charging-sdl". Check out the troubleshooting page, Charging-sdl and FBDirect issue.


bluetoothctl doesn't do anything when run. I suspect this is due to the firmware not being installed. See pmaports#248.

Scrolling graphics before DE

Before a desktop environment starts, the screen tends to flicker and scroll. It's a purely cosmetic issue. It's cause is likely related to the framebuffer and may be similar in nature to the FBDirect issue.


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