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  • ata2001 (porting and testing)
  • ollieparanoid (help on IRC)
  • MartijnBraam (help on IRC)
  • robb4 (help on IRC)
  • lawl (help on IRC)
  • bshah (help on IRC)
  • mmaret (help on IRC)

Special keycombo's

  • Boot to recovery: hold volume down and power button till the phone shakes
  • Boot to bootloader: unplug device, hold volume up and plug usb into device
  • Reset if stuck: hold volume up and power button till the phone shakes

What works

  • charging
  • network through USB
  • telnet in initramfs
  • ssh
  • adjusting the led, torch and the lcd backlight
  • display
  • touchscreen

What does not work

  • Wifi

What have not been tested

  • Bluetooth
  • 3G
  • Sound
  • Phone calls
  • SD card
  • Hardware buttons


  • Launching Weston is delayed by 135 seconds to let udev settle down