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10:32, 13 May 2020 Nexus 5 - sound and input through network on a secondary device - thumbnail.png (file) 336 KB This is a thumbnail for a video showing how it is possible to obtain network, sound and keyboard input from a secondary device, in this case from the bottom of a DYI foldable phone, providing internet connectivity. It also shows web surfing with (quteb... 1
12:01, 13 May 2020 Running phosh on the Nexus 5 with PostmarketOS - Youtube thumbnail.png (file) 391 KB This is a thumbnail for a video by Martijn Braam showing how phosh works on the Nexus 5 running PostmarketOS using manline kernel. 1
19:31, 28 July 2021 MATE on hammerhead (stear prime) video thumbnail.png (file) 876 KB Thumbnail for video showing MATE running on Nexus 5 with barrier and onboard touch keyboard. 1