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Added information on how to compile and install postmarketos
| manufacturer = Xiaomi
| name = Mi A2
| codename = xiaomi-jasminejasmine_sprout
| image = File:xiaomi-jasmine.jpg
| imagecaption = Xiaomi Mi A2
| releaseyear = 2018
| originalsoftware = Android 8.1
| pmoskernel = 4.4.226
| chipset = Qualcomm SDM660 Snapdragon 660
| cpu = 8-core (4x 2.2 GHz Kryo 260 & 4x 1.8 GHz Kryo 260)
| memory = 4/6 GB
| architecture = aarch64
| status_usbnet = <!-- USB networking does work? then put Y here and delete this comment -->| status_flashing = <!-- Flashing with "pmbootstrap flasher" works? Put Y here. It works the same for everything coming below. -->| status_touch = <!-- Touch screen is working? You can also answer these questions with P for partially. -->Y| status_screen = <!-- The display is working? -->Y| status_wifi = <!-- Wireless network works? -->N| status_xwayland = <!-- Showing X11 applications in a Wayland compositor (Weston, KWin, ...) works? -->P
| status_fde = <!-- When installing with full disk encryption, can you type in the password with the on screen keyboard? -->
| status_mainline = <!-- Instead of a Linux kernel fork, it is possible to run mainline. -->N| status_battery = <!-- Charging the battery with charging-sdl is possible -->| status_3d = <!-- Hardware accelerated 3D graphics (e.g. with freedreno) -->N| status_accel = <!-- The sensor that measures proper acceleration works -->N| status_audio = <!-- Using the device's speakers/headphone jack works -->N| status_bluetooth = <!-- It's possible to pair and use other devices via the bluetooth protocol -->N| status_camera = <!-- Taking photos and videos works. -->N| status_gps = <!-- The Global Positioning System sensor works. -->N| status_mobiledata = <!-- Connecting to the Internet via cellular network. -->N| status_sms = <!-- Sending and receiving short messages works as intended. -->N| status_calls = <!-- Talking to other people over the cellular network. -->N| status = <!-- Text displayed in the "not booting" table on the Devices page , e.g "kernel compiles, doesn't boot" -->Booting| booting = no <!-- The device is booting at all, can be yes/no *IMPORTANT* -->
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== Contributors ==
* [[User:robante15|robante15]]
* [[User:Profmagija|Profmagija]]
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== Notes ==
This device is quite similar to the [[Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (xiaomi-lavender)]] and [[Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T (xiaomi-willow)]], and many of the issues were solved with steps from that devices pages, so if you're hacking on the Mi A2 it's a good idea to read the xiaomi-lavender and the xiaomi-willow page closely.
== How to enter flash mode ==
=== Recovery mode ===
* Turn the device off (or restart also works)
* Hold volume+ {{button |Volume Up}} and power {{button|Power}} button* Once you feel vibration and phone turns on, release power {{button|Power}} button* Keep holding volume+ {{button|Volume Up}} until you get to recovery.
=== Flashing (Download, Fastboot) mode ===
* Same as recovery, but this time hold the volume- {{button|Volume Down}} and power {{button|Power}} keys.
== Installation ==
* [[Installing pmbootstrap|Install pmbootstrap.]]
* Download the device/linux package from [ my Github] (because it is not merged) and paste it into your pmaports/device folder.
* <code>pmbootstrap -y zap; pmbootstrap init</code>, choose <code>xiaomi-jasmine_sprout</code> as your device
** Weston, XFCE4, and GNOME have been successfully tested. Phosh and Plasma Mobile do not work
* <code>pmbootstrap install</code>
* Enter fastboot, plug USB into computer
* <code>pmbootstrap flasher flash_kernel</code>
* <code>pmbootstrap flasher flash_rootfs</code>
* <code>pmbootstrap flasher flash_vbmeta</code>
* Reboot, sometimes <code>fastboot reboot</code> works, otherwise hold down {{button|Power}} until it reboots to system.
* Hopefully weston comes up with <code>postmarketos-demos</code>.
* <code>ssh user@</code>
== Additional Info ==
Info from the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, and Redmi Note 8 port that also applies to the Mi A2:
* [[Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (xiaomi-lavender)]]
* [[Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T (xiaomi-willow)]]
* [[USB Internet]]
== See also ==
* [ Possibly good kernel to use Kernel used as downstream kernel source for jasminejasmine_sprout]* [ Xiaomi Mi A2 Linux and Device Package]


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