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== Alternative kernels ==
It *should* be possible to run [[the mainline kernel]] on the lg-mako, maybe we need to write a display driver, but there's a [ tutorial for it]. I (ollieparanoid) didn't do enough research on this yet - if you're interested in doing this, please talk to opendata26 from postmarketOS and robclark from the freedreno project. With their help it should be quite feasible.
These are not packaged yet in postmarketOS, feel free to package them.
* [https://githubFreedreno backport to "Almost 0 (couldn't make it work out of the box and I suggest trying to get mainline" from John Stultz] <- maybe working instead of spending time on this also resolves the wrong-color-bugone)* [https://{{|38 }} Freedreno]backport to 3.0.8
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