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Update freedreno information (thanks @robclark!)
== Wifi ==
Looks like, we need to package the [ wcnss.* files] for wifi. A version from 2015 can be found [ here]. It's a Qualcomm chip.
Looks like, we need to package the == freedreno / Mainline ==The [ freedreno] project brings an open source kernel driver for 3D acceleration. You would still need to run the proprietary blob/12ac6e9aeb32d5ac9fc832f2214ede2c7690d0a6/proprietary-blobson the GPU, but it makes 3D acceleration possible at all.txt#L152-L157 wcnssThere is a backport of freedreno to the 3.* files] for wifi4 kernel, but the display doesn't work there. A version According to robclark from 2015 can be found Freedreno, it makes more sense to get [[httpsThe Mainline Kernel|mainline]] going:// here]. It's a Qualcomm chip.
== Alternative kernels ==It *: ''tbh, with the exception of perhaps making phone calls (modem), upstream support for 8064 should* be possible to run [[The Mainline Kernel]] decent (like the work that john stultz did on the lg-mako, maybe we need to write a display driver, but there's a [https://githubn7 tablet).com/freedreno/freedreno/wiki/DSI-Panel-Driver-Porting tutorial for it]. so I (ollieparanoid) didnprobably wouldn't do enough research try too hard on this yet - if youancient 3.4 stuff''re interested in doing this, please talk to opendata26 from postmarketOS and robclark from the freedreno project. With their help it should be quite feasible.
Non-mainline:* [ Freedreno backport Let us know if you're interested in doing this and talk to 3.4.0] opendata26 (couldn't make it work out of the box from postmarketOS) and I suggest trying to get mainline working instead of spending time on this onerobclark (from freedreno)* Freedreno backport to 3.0With their help it should be quite feasible.8 ({{github|38}})
== Links ==
* [ freedreno: Nexus 4]
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* [ Tutorial: UART debug cable]