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Add introduction and supported soc table
{{note|Work in progress and untested. Please improve this page (or merge it together with the non-Qualcomm-specific [[The Mainline Kernel|mainlining wiki page]]) when you try any of this.}}
Devices with Qualcomm SoCs are generally good candidates for porting mainline Linux, considering the great support those SoCs have. It usually doesn't take a lot of work to get a device running mainline with a decent amount of working features, provided the SoC is already supported.
=== Supported SoCs ===
|fields=CONCAT( '[[', _pageName, '|',Manufacturer,' ',Name,']]' )=SoC,Arch,Year,StatusUart=UART,StatusUsb=USB,StatusStorage=Storage,StatusDisplay=Display,StatusCpu=CPU,StatusGpu=GPU,StatusPinctrl=Pinctrl,StatusI2c=I²C,StatusAudio=Audio,StatusVideo=Video,StatusThermal=Thermal,StatusWiFi=WiFi,StatusBluetooth=BT,StatusModem=Modem,StatusGps=GPS,StatusCamera=Camera,StatusSuspend=Suspend
|order by=Socs.Manufacturer, Socs.Name
|where=Mainline="1" and Socs.Manufacturer="Qualcomm"
|more results text=
== Prerequisites ==
* Downstream kernel source code: This is the main source of reference when porting the mainline kernel.


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