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== Prerequisites ==
* A working device-tree based downstream kernel
* You know the location of the uart UART port on your device ([ this videotutorial] | [ Identifying serial ports] shows how to find it)* A device that has one of the following snapdragon Snapdragon processors** '''S3''' (MSM8260 / MSM8660)** '''S4 Pro''' (MSM8960T / MSM8960DT)** '''410''' (MSM8916 / APQ8016)** '''800''' (MSM8974)** '''801''' (MSM8974AA / MSM8974AB / MSM8974AC / APQ8074AB)** '''805''' (APQ8084)** 410** '''808''' (MSM8992)** '''810''' (MSM8994)** '''820''' (MSM8996)
== Relevant chat log ==
** (alas, if you are using Nexus 4, apq8064 based device would be good start i.e Nexus 7(?))
*** Not sure about 8064, I would do the same thing but base off yuga
* Look for a file named <code>msm8974-regulator.dtsi </code> in devices android kernel tree look for a file named this * Look for <code>pm8841_s1: regulator-s1 </code> then look at the voltages and make sure your DTS is the same, if not change it. * Do this the same operation for pm8841_s1the other regulators:**<code>pm8841_s2: regulator-s2</code>**<code>pm8841_s3: regulator-s1 s3</code>**<code>pm8841_s4: regulator- s4 and </code>**<code>pm8941_s1: regulator-s1 </code>**<code>pm8941_s2: regulator-s2</code>**<code>pm8941_s3: regulator-s3</code>**<code>...</code>**<code>pm8941_l1: regulator- pm8841_l24l1</code>**<code>...</code>**<code>pm8941_l24: regulator-l24 </code>
* Then look in your devices android DTSi and look for any regulator configs if you find any change the corresponding regulator in the dts
* This should be enough to boot with USB telnet