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touchscreen works now completely
* ssh connection
* screen output
* touch screen if pmOS is booted from TWRP via Reboot -> System
== What does not work ==
* touch-screen is not detected if started from pmOS (some initialization missing), but it works if first booting TWRP and from within TWRP pmOS is booted via Reboot > System.
* everything else
commit 59eb10e593213403c301a5ce3fbd0a22b6e52efd 'util: allow for palm pressure > 255' or newer is needed for that to work.
With this new libinput version, the mouse pointer from plasma-mobile can be moved and clicking also does work as expected. Not yet working: 90-degree left rotation is not applied.
=== touchscreen works ===
if using ATTRS{name}=="sec_touchscreen" in udev rule instead of ENV{DEVNAME}=="/dev/input/event2" then touchscreen works as expected as touchscreen, not touchpad, and is always detected.
== See also ==