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Porting to a new device

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Write down requirements (host PC, target device: FPU!)
* Join [[Matrix and IRC|Matrix/IRC]] to get help when you're stuck
* Search the [[devices]] page for your device to avoid duplicate work (read potentially existing device pages and check for links to existing branches).
=== Requirements ===
==== Host PC ====
* We assume, that you are using Linux. If you don't have Linux installed, please [ set up a virtual machine with VirtualBox] first.
* Python 3.4+ and git must be installed (look at your distribution's documentation on installing packages)
* A few gigabytes of free space
==== Target Device ====
If your target device has an ARM processor, it needs to have an [ FPU].
Most phones fulfill this requirement: in the first > 80 ports we have had, only twice we had phones without an FPU ({{issue|1203}}, {{issue|1592}}). These are from 2010 and 2011, so it is worth checking if your device is from that time. Otherwise just go ahead.
=== Initialization ===