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This means, that there is no concrete plan, that everyone must follow for it to succeed. Instead, '''everyone is encouraged to work on what they enjoy most!'''
In consequence, pmOS does not use a regular milestone plan with versions (at least right now). Here is a list with what individuals are working on. '''Feel free to add yourself here and what you are interested in''' (optionally with priorities and estimated finish date), but you don't have to! If you do, please keep your section of this list updated, and remove finished tasks.
'''These are all estimations''' and the community is expected to understand when something does not work out as planned here. This is a free time project after all, so be grateful, that the individuals step up and share their plans at all.
=== [ ollieparanoid] ===
Basically all points listed below are done together with other community members. In fact, when I do postmarketOS work today, it is most of the time ''not'' running/porting pmOS on a device, but doing something else from below.
'''Make development enjoyable for everybody:'''
* test / review / integrate pull-requests
* help whenever someone is stuck with development
* find, write down and resolve technical debt* work on features, that make development easier (e.g. [https://{{github|688}} new kernel porting workflow, {{ strict mode]|383}} split aports into its own git repository)
* assist with implementation ideas in GitHub issues
* improve documentation in the wiki
* improve continuous integration (e.g. [https://{{|110 #110]}} more automatic shell checking, [https://{{ #64]|760}} run fast tests in Travis)
* write about what we do in [ blog posts]
* help with infrastructure (homepage, wiki, ...)
* work together with upstream
'''Get postmarketOS ready for daily usage:'''
* research on how we could implement "daily driver" stuff (e.g. {{github|161}} plasma-mobile, {{github|598}} cellular modem, {{github|592}} firmware patching)
* binary package repository
'''Get postmarketOS ready My plan for daily usagetelephony:'''* research on how we could implement "daily driver" stuff Mainline the [[Google_Nexus_4_(lg-mako)|Nexus 4]], improve <code>pmbootstrap</code> tooling for mainlining (e.g. {{github|1210}}) and [[https://githubThe_Mainline_Kernel|writing a step by step mainlining guide]] (like the porting guide) in the plasma-mobile]I've learned a lot about mainlining, [ cellular modem]and for the most part it's writing the dts file from what I understand, [https://githubat least when all the phone's components are in upstream already (which is the case for the Nexus 4 from what I know).com/postmarketOS/pmbootstrap/issues/592 firmware patching])* binary package repository (not usable yet, see Get telephony working on that with ofono and [[ #64QMI]](there's a QMI driver in the mainline kernel)
=== MartijnBraam ===
# Evangelization
 #* project-specific (devs)#* Means: current: word of mouth in Sao Paulo ; future: meetups, talks, panels, presentations#* philosophy and anthropology of tool-making (gateway for layperson to the hacking community)#* Means: writings and discussions with intellectuals, the urban youth, the homeless, and the elite of Sao Paulo society 
# On-boarding and new dev integration
# Documentation<br />
=== Pablo Castellano ===
# Add support for new devices (actually focused on [ ) Moto G 2014]). If you want, you can send me your device by mail and I will try to add pmOS support to it. After that I will return the device back to you.
# Make pmOS debugging easier for new developers
# Improve documentation &amp; usability of <code>pmboostrap</code>/<code>pmOS</code>
=== [ craftyguy] ===
# Develop [ osk-sdl], an sdl/directfb on-screen keyboard for use during initramfs execution
# Make the greatest device ever, the Nokia N900, the best device to use with postmarketOS.
 #* telephony#* audio#* UI (plasma?) 
# Assist with documentation &amp; on IRC/matrix where I can.
* ☑ Optimizing the pmOS system image size by creating the partitions as small as possible and resize them during the first boot ([ #127])
* ☑ Add possibility to export an Odin flashable file for samsung devices (<code>pmbootstrap flasher export --odin</code>)
* Add support for framebuffer debugging tools to debug-shell initramfs hook ([https://engithub.wikipedia.orgcom/postmarketOS/pmbootstrap/wikiissues/Memory_Technology_Device MTD1188 #1188] devices (generate yaffs2 image, adapt initramfs script)* ☐ Porting PostmarketOS to a ☑ Implement charging mode ([ BlackBerry1081 #1081])
* ☐ Use LVM over system and userdata partitions ([ #60])
* ☐ Add versioning in initramfs scripts (check initramfs and initramfs-extra versions)
* ☐ Integrate alternative flashing method using netcat ([ #456])
* ☐ Getting mainline kernel working on existing devices
* ☐ Add support for new devices
* ☐ Add support for [ MTD] devices (generate yaffs2 image or UBIFS, adapt initramfs script) [Low priority]
* ☐ Porting PostmarketOS to a [ BlackBerry] [Low priority]
=== PureTryOut ===
=== [ yuvadm] ===
# Expand support for the [ flame) Mozilla Flame]
# Work on pmOS documentation and website
# Help develop the pmOS architecture
* some interest in Nokia N9, N950, LG Optimus Chic E720
* mild interest in OpenMoko gt01, Nokia N770, N800, N810
=== [ steamport] ===
✔ Basic Kindle Fire HDX (2013) support
✖ Get X11/xorg working on the HDX
✖ Get wifi working on the HDX...
=== MayeulC ===
* [X] Get my Xperia T3 to work with pmos
* [WIP] Improve the documentation and the tools used to do so
* [ ] Improve Xperia T3 support
** [ ] [ More recent] kernel fork
** [ ] Mainline the device
* [ ] Add support for my other devices
* [ ] Improve computer <-> phone communication (maybe trough a [ kdeconnect] port)
=== [[User:Jrg|Julian Goldsmith]] ===
* ☑ Mainline the OnePlus One: linux-postmarketos works with the proper DTS.
* ☑ Get Freedreno working on the OnePlus One: The upstream Mesa bug has been fixed.
* ☑ Get WiFi working on the OnePlus One: Seems to work, but not well-tested. Bluetooth works as well.
* ☐ Get oFono working on the OnePlus One
* ☐ Port the OnePlus 3
* ☐ Mainline the OnePlus 3
=== [[User:Neilvandyke|neilvandyke]] ===
<onlyinclude>{{#ifeq:{{{user|Neilvandyke}}}|Neilvandyke |
* Build out a developer-friendly PostmarketOS UI option, emphasizing Scheme/Racket or Rust.[]
* Get a daily driver configured with WiFi (including AP UI), email, IRC, Web, offline OpenStreetMap, DrRacket.
* Find volunteer programmers for systems-level device support, UI, and apps.
=== [ konradybcio] ===
* [ ] Make it so mainline kernel boots reliably on Xperia M
* [ ] Make a *usable* Xperia X port (with 4.9 kernel hwaccel could be a thing!)
* [ ] Improve overall Xperia M support
* [ ] Improve overall Xperia M4 support
* [ ] Bump Xperia M4 to kernel 4.4 or at least 3.18
* [ ] Make a port for a non-Android device (low priority, will require lots of work)
* [ ] Perhaps once more devices get calling/sms support I could try making a notification sound / ringtone
* [ ] Add more Sony devices, cause why not :D
=== pinoaffe ===
* [ ] Get uart access to xiaomi-gemini
* [ ] Get mainline booting on xiaomi-gemini
* [ ] Get either of my devices (xiaomi-gemini or xiaomi-santoni) working to the point where I can start dogfeeding
* [ ] Develop native mobile programs for pmos to replace (some of) what I use android for
=== [[User:Halamix2|Halamix2]] ===
=== [[User:CalcProgrammer1|CalcProgrammer1]] ===
* [ ] Get PmOS booting on Galaxy Note 3
* [ ] Get mainline kernel booting on Galaxy Note 3
* [ ] Get PmOS booting on Amazon Fire TV
* [ ] Get mainline kernel booting on Amazon Fire TV
=== [[User:Lofenyy|Lofenyy]] ===
* [ ] Make the [[Samsung_Galaxy_Ace_II_X_(samsung-kylessopen)|Samsung Galaxy Ace II X]] last forever.
* [ ] Do the same with the LG X Power.


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