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I was following the guide on that side with an Samsung Galaxy SIII (samsung-i9300) It semed to work and it is booting, but it reboots after short time independently of the actions being taken in that time. The timespan is long enough to enter the encryption Passphrase and encryption seams to work. I haven't filed a bugreport since a am not sure if it's a problem with postmarketOS, my phone or the build paremeters witch are set on samsung-i9305.

Similar error on samsung-s6500d, I think modem is causing it (See SMSM_RESET in s6500d). Maybe disabling modem/MSM-related modem thingies in menuconfig would help? Especially knowing that i9305 and i9300 main difference comes from modem-related lack of LTE in latter one. ~2018-01-20, 12:43 Halamix2