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Is it possible to change some device names from xxx to yyy for consistency, like: Pine Rock64/PINE64 Rock64/ Iphone 4/Apple iPhone 4/ IPhone 3G/Apple iPhone 3G/ IPod touch 2g/Apple iPod touch 2g/ Samsung galaxy tab A 8.0 Wi-Fi (SM-T350)/Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Wi-Fi (SM-T350)/ Samsung_Galaxy_A6%2B_(samsung-a6pltexx)/Samsung_Galaxy_A6_(samsung-a6pltexx)/ and so onĀ ???

StandaSK: This page contains a list of devices that people put on their User page. As such, it has some inconsistencies, particularly for pages for devices that don't have a wiki page yet (the red ones). As for inconsistencies for pages that DO have a wiki page, you can rename/move such pages to make them consistent. But discussing this on Matrix/IRC would be much better, Talk pages are not a good tool for discussion.

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