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Explains the procedure of unlocking the bootloader on 2012+ SONY devices, hopefully reduces text copypaste.



To use non-vendor OSes on SONY devices you need to unlock your bootloader. Not all devices can be unlocked easily.

To check whether your phone can be unlocked:

- Open the dialer app (the one where you key in the phone number)

- Enter '*#*#7378423#*#*' ('*#*#SERVICE#*#*')

- Go to 'Service info' - > 'Configuration'

- Check 'Rooting status:'

   - 'Bootloader unlock allowed: Yes' means you can proceed
   - 'Bootloader unlock allowed: No' means you can't follow this procedure
   - 'Bootloader unlock allowed: Unknown' means pretty much the same thing as 'No'

To unlock your bootloader:

- Back up all of your data. It will be erased and your warranty may be void.

- Download 'fastboot' binary for your OS, often found in official repos for Linux distros.

- Find the IMEI of your device (IMEI of the first SIM slot for DS devices).

- (Android 5.0/6.0+ devices): Enter Developer Settings and enable "OEM unlock".

- Turn off your device.

- Hold the [Volume +] button (while the phone is still off) and connect the phone to a computer.

- If the notification LED turned blue, everything went well and you managed to enter fastboot mode.

- Go to this website, scroll down, choose your device (or any device for that matter) from the drop-down list and enter your IMEI.

- Copy the code that you received.

- Open a terminal and enter 'fastboot oem unlock {KEY_THAT_YOU_OBTAINED}'.

- You should see something like 'operation completed successfully (0.003s)'.

- Congratulations, you can now use custom firmwares, just like pmOS :)