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This page includes some apps that were removed from Applications by category since they were not really designed for mobile or otherwise broken. Some of them might make a return when fixed.

Web Browsers

  • luakit — Extensible and customizable web browser framework built on WebKit. || luakit
  • surf — Simple web browser from the project based on WebKit/GTK+. || surf
  • dillo — Graphical web browser designed for speed and a small footprint. || dillo
  • NetSurf — Small, efficient browser designed for portability (originally written for RISC OS). || netsurf
  • Links — Browser supporting text mode and graphics. || links-graphics
  • qutebrowser — Keyboard-driven browser with a minimal UI. || qutebrowser


Images || coreshot

Raster Graphics Editors

  • CorePaint — Rather minimalist painting application. || corepaint