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Owns devices

  • OnePlus One (oneplus-bacon) broken
  • OnePlus 2 (oneplus-oneplus2) broken
  • OnePlus 3 (oneplus-oneplus3) broken
  • OnePlus 5 (oneplus-cheeseburger) Android daily-driver
  • Planet Computers Gemini PDA (planet-geminipda)
  • PinePhone
  • Pinebook Pro

Device Notes
OnePlus 3 (oneplus-oneplus3) partially broken/disassembled
OnePlus 5 (oneplus-cheeseburger) Android dailydriver
OnePlus One (oneplus-bacon) water damaged and doesn't boot
OnePlus Two (oneplus-oneplus2) touchscreen broke
PINE64 Pinebook Pro (pine64-pinebookpro)
PINE64 PinePhone (pine64-pinephone) UBports edition, upgraded the mainboard
Planet Computers Gemini PDA (planet-geminipda)