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== Owns devices ==
== Owns devices ==
{{Owns device|Samsung_Galaxy_Grand_Neo_(samsung-baffinlite)|Broken touch screen
{{Owns device|Samsung_Galaxy_Grand_Neo_(samsung-baffinlite)|Broken touch screen. Uart doesn't work.
{{Owns device|ZTE_Blade_AF3_(zte-p731a20)}}
{{Owns device|ZTE_Blade_AF3_(zte-p731a20)}}

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This user has ported 2 devices to postmarketOS.

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Owns devices

Device Notes
Digma 1538E 4G (ps1150ml)
Fly Spark (fly-iq4404)
Nokia Lumia 630 (nokia-rm977)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo (samsung-baffinlite) Broken touch screen. Uart doesn't work.
Samsung Galaxy SL (samsung-i9003) pmos does not find the boot-partition and there is not a single block device in /dev. At the same time, Android is working
ZTE Blade AF3 (zte-p731a20)


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