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All the devices in this table can at least boot postmarketOS. To monitor boot progress, you must be able to receive output from the screen, a network adapter, or a serial port. If you verify that a device not on this list boots postmarketOS, please create a page for the device and make a merge request.

Status columns are described further below. In particular, Mainline* refers to (close to) mainline.

Note Some columns are hidden by default; select them in the "Toggle fields" list below to show them.
Error: No field named "StatusXwayland" found for any of the specified database tables.

Status Legend

Code Meaning
Y Yes, fully implemented
P Partially implemented
N Not working yet
- Not applicable -- device does not have feature

Status Columns

Column Meaning
USB Net After connecting the device with USB to your PC, you can connect to it via telnet (initramfs) or SSH (booted system).
Flashing It is possible to flash the device with pmbootstrap flasher.
Touch Touching the screen is recognized properly.
Screen The device's display is working.
Wifi Connecting to wireless network is possible.
XWayland Showing X11 applications in a Wayland compositor (Weston, KWin, ...) works.
FDE Full disk encryption and unlocking with osk-sdl.
Mainline* Runs a (Close to) Mainline kernel, not an Android downstream kernel.
Battery Charging the battery with charging-sdl is possible (this seems to be largely untested, please update your device's column if charging is possible).
3D Hardware accelerated 3D graphics
IMU The sensor that measures proper acceleration works.
Audio Using the device's speakers/headphone jack works.
Bluetooth It's possible to pair and use other devices via the bluetooth protocol.
Camera Taking photos and videos works.
GPS The Global Positioning System sensor works.
Mobile Data Connecting to the Internet via cellular network.
SMS Sending and receiving short messages works as intended.
Calls Talking to other people over the cellular network.

Non-booting devices

The devices list below cannot boot postmarketOS (yet). As such, they have not been integrated into the postmarketOS source tree. Once the device becomes bootable, it might appear in this least until a pull-request to integrate the code has been accepted. If you have verified that a device in this list boots postmarketOS, please make a merge-request.

Device Codename Architecture Released Status
Device Codename Architecture Released Status
Acer Iconia Tab A200 acer-picasso-e armv7 2012
Acer Iconia W511 acer-iconia-w511 x86 2012
Acer Liquid Zest 4G acer-miro aarch64 2016
AGM A8 agm-grip aarch64 2017
Ainol Novo 10 Hero armv7 2012
Alcatel Pop 2 (4.5) alcatel-alto45 aarch64 2014
ALPS ASK SP618/Bluboo Maya Max alps-pri6750_66t_m aarch64 2023-10-20
ALPS Mediatek Obscure Device (MT6572) mediatek-mt6572obscure armv7 2014
ALPS Philips S562Z alps-pri6750_66t_m aarch64 2023-10-20
Amazon Echo Show 5 amazon-checkers aarch64 2019 working on bootloader exploit
Amazon Fire Phone amazon-kodiak armv7 2014 Kernel won't build
Amazon Fire TV amazon-bueller armv7 2014 Boots, not submitted to pmaports
Amazon Fire TV 2 amazon-sloane aarch64 2015
Amazon Fire TV 3 amazon-needle aarch64 2017 Downstream kernel doesn't compile, looking into mainline
Amazon Fire TV Stick (1st gen) amazon-montoya armv7 2014
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" (2nd Gen) amazon-tate armhf 2012
Apple iBridge T2 apple-ibridgeT2 aarch64 2017
Apple iPad 6th generation ipad7,5 aarch64 2018 does not boot
Apple iPad Air 2 ipad5,3 aarch64 2014 does not boot
Apple iPhone 12 mini apple-iphone12mini aarch64 2020
Apple iPhone 3G apple-iphone3g armhf 2008
Apple iPhone 4 apple-iphone4 armv7 2010
Apple iPhone 4s apple-iphone4s 2011
Apple iPhone 5 apple-iphone5 2012
Apple iPhone 5s apple-iphone5s aarch64 2013 no port yet
Apple iPhone 8 apple-iphone10,1 aarch64 2017
Apple iPhone SE apple-iphoneSE2016 aarch64 2016
Apple iPod Touch (1G) apple-ipt1g armhf 2007 openiboot doesn't build under gcc6 or 8
Archos 80 G9 Turbo archos-a80 armv7 2012
Archos Sense 55s archos-ac55ses aarch64 2017 No Downstream kernel Source, mainline is WIP
Asus Asus Zenfone 3 asus-zenfone3 aarch64 2016
Asus MeMO Pad 7 (ME70C) asus-k01a x86 2014
Asus MeMO Pad FHD 10 (ME302C) asus-redhookbay x86 2013
ASUS Transformer Pad (TF701T) asus-tf701t armv7 2013
Asus Transformer Pad TF103C tf103c x86_64 2014
ASUS VivoTab RT asus-tf600t armv7 2012
Asus Zenfone 2 Laser asus-z00ed, asus-ze500kl aarch64
Asus Zenfone 4 asus-z01k aarch64 2017 Kernel compiles, doesn't boot.
ASUS Zenfone 5 asus-t00j x86 2014
Asus ZenPad C 7.0 (Z170C) asus-p01z x86_64 2014
Auchan Selecline Smartphone 5 auchan-s6s5in3g, 877977/M5016 armv7 2016 Trying to get dtb from the phone and use it with generic Spreadtrum kernel
Barns and Noble Nook HD+ barnsnoble-ovation armv7 2012 Work not started
Barns and Noble Nook Tablet barnsnoble-acclaim armv7 2011 "Not sure how to boot custom kernels on the device, still figuring it out"
BlackBerry Limited Bold Touch 9900 blackberry-dakota armv7 2011
BlackBerry Limited Classic blackberry-q20 armv7 2014
BLU Win HD LTE blu-ql850 armv7 2015
BQ Aquaris M10 bq-cooler aarch64 2016
BQ Aquaris X bq-bardock aarch64 2017
CHUWI Hi10 Plus chuwi-hi10plus x86_64 2016
Coolpad Modena 2 coolpad-modena2 aarch64 2016
Digma 1538E 4G digma-ps1150ml aarch64 2017 No source dowstream kernel. Trying to make mainline for mt6735
DNS AirTab M83W dns-airtab-m83w armv7 2012 Trying to port mainline
Epson Moverio BT-200 embt2ws armv7 2014 pmOS device package needs to be created
Geeksphone Revolution gp-revolution x86 2014 Kernel compiles but does not boot
Generic x64 UEFI device tablet-x64uefi x86_64 Dependency clashes
Geniatech Geniatech MyGica V1200 / Geniatech MyGica ATV1200 / Geniatech MyGica A6 / Geniatech MyGica A300 geniatech-rmx0312 armv7 2023-10-20
Gini w5 gini-w5 aarch64 2015 pmOS port hasn't been attempted yet
GoClever Quantum2 400 goclever-quantum2400 armv7 2014 no kernel sources, has mainlined soc
Google Chromecast google-anchovy armv7 2013 Kernel compiles, my personal Chromecast's bootloader is too new to load from USB
Google Pixel google-pixel aarch64 2016 Kernel compiles, panics on boot
Google Pixel 4 XL google-coral aarch64 2019 Doesn't boot
Google Pixel 6 & 6 Pro google-oriole & google-raven aarch64 2021
Google Pixel 6a google-bluejay aarch64 2022
Hisense A9 hisense-hlte556n aarch64 2022
HMD Global Nokia 7.2 nokia-daredevil aarch64 2019 untested
Home x x1 AK1708m-16 aarch64 2023-10-20 non-bootable
HomTom HT20 homtom-ht20 aarch64 2016
HP Slate 21 hp-phobos armv7 2013 Kernel compiles, not tested
HTC Desire 610 htc-a3ul armv7 2014
HTC Desire 620 htc-a31ul aarch64
HTC Desire 820 (Dual SIM) htc-a51dtul aarch64 2014
HTC Desire 820 (Single SIM) htc-a51tuhl aarch64 2014
HTC Desire S htc-saga armv7 2011 cannot flash; incomplete informations
HTC Droid DNA / Butterfly htc-monarudo armhf 2012
HTC Evo 4G htc-supersonic armv7 2010 Kernel compiles, can't SSH in
HTC myTouch 3G Slide htc-espresso armhf 2010
HTC One X htc-endeavoru armv7 2012
HTC Touch Pro2 htc-rhodium armhf 2009 research started
HTC U11 htc-ocn aarch64 2017
HTC Wildfire htc-buzz armv6 2010 Qualcomm MSM7225 - ARMv6 without FPU/VFP #1203
HTV box HTV 3 htv-box-htv-3 armv7 2023-10-20
Huawei Ascend G510 huawei-u8951 armhf 2013 Kernel compiles, graphic output does not work
Huawei Ascend G525 huawei-g525 armv7 2013
Huawei Ascend G620S/Honor Play 4x qualcomm version huawei-cherry aarch64 2014 Kernel compiles, graphic output does not work
Huawei Ascend Mate 7 huawei-mt7l09 armv7 2014 Kernel built and flashed successfully but device not booting.
Huawei Ascend P6 huawei-edge armv7
Huawei Ascend P7 huawei-sophia armv7 2014 Booting, no SSH
Huawei Ascend Y300 huawei-y300 armv7 2013
Huawei MateBook E 2019 huawei_matebook_e_2019 aarch64 2019
Huawei Mediapad 10 Link+ huawei-s10-231u armv7 2014
Huawei Mediapad T1 8.0 Pro t1_8p0lte aarch64 2015
Huawei Vodafone 858 Smart huawei-u8160 armv6 2011 Qualcomm MSM7225 - ARMv6 without FPU/VFP #1592
Huawei Y3 II 3G huawei-lua-u22 armv7 2016 Used to boot before.
Huawei Y360-U61 huawei-y360-u61 armv7 2015
ICareDx PSS‐1 RT‐PCR Testing System icaredx-pss-1 armv7 2022
Inet-Tek Inet-1 inet-inet1 armv7 2012
Insignia Fire TV Edition (Full HD) amazon-blanche aarch64 2018 Kernel compiles, device is not yet unlockable
Jingling JingPad A1 jingpad-a1 aarch64 2021
Just5 Freedom X1 k06ntc_a aarch64 2016 No kernel sources available. Only gets to telnet on stock ROM kernel and initramfs of a similar device.
Kobo Aura kobo-aura armv7 2013 Kernel is 2.6, will require patching.
Kobo Glo kobo-kraken armv7 2012
Kosagi Fernvale kosagi-fernvale armv6 ARMv6 without FPU/VFP #1203
Land Rover A9 landrover-a9 armv7 not booting, no active contributor
LeapFrog LeapsterGS leapfrog-leapstergs armv7 2012 Yet to start work on
Lego Mindstorms EV3 lego-ev3 ARMv5 2013 armv5tej not supported by Alpine
Lenovo Legion Y700 lenovo-9707f aarch64 2022
Lenovo Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus lenovo-x606f 2020
Lenovo Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8.0 lenovo-lxf_p5001_c02 armv7 2017
Lenovo P2 lenovo-kuntao aarch64 2016
Lenovo Tab M10 lenovo-tbx505f aarch64 2019 kernel compiles, doesn't boot
Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus 2nd Gen lenovo-tbx606 aarch64 2020
Lenovo Tab P11 lenovo-tbj606f aarch64 2020 kernel compiles, doesn't boot
Lenovo Tab P11 Pro lenovo-j706f aarch64 2020
Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential lenovo-tb3710i armv7-a 2016
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet lenovo-indigo armv7 2011
Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus lenovo-a6020a46 aarch64 2016
LETV U2 letv-lba-011-hk armv7 2023-10-20
LG Bello II lg-x150 armv7 2015 Boots, but not upstreamed
LG Doubleplay lg-c729 armv7 2011
LG G Pad 8.3 lg-v500 armv7 2013 kernel won't compile
LG G Pad 8.3 LTE lg-altev armv7 2014
LG G2 mini lg-g2m armv7 2014
LG G5 lg-h850 aarch64 2016
LG G8X ThinQ lg-mh2lm aarch64 2019
LG Joy lg-h220 armv7 2015
LG K4 lg-m160e armv7 2017
LG K4 lg-k130f aarch64 2016
LG K5 lg-x220ds armv7 2016 Boots, but not upstreamed
LG K7 lg-m1 armhf 2016 display works, touchscreen doesn't work
LG L Fino lg-d295 armv7 2014 kernel compiles, not booting
LG Optimus 3D lg-p920 armv7 2011 kernel compiles, untested
LG Optimus Slider lg-gelato-q armv6 2011
Light Phone 2 light-phone-2 armv7 2020
Linksys EA9350 linksys-ea9350 Armv7 2023-10-20 failed to bulid the kernel
Marshall London marshall-london aarch64 2015 No kernel sources
Meizu M2 Note meizu-m571 aarch64 2015
Meizu M3 Note meizu-l681 aarch64 2016
Meizu M6 NOTE meizu-meilan-note-6 aarch64 2017
Microsoft Lumia 535 microsoft-chakra armv7 2014 WIP, can boot to userspace and emmc works
Microsoft Lumia 650 LTE microsoft-saana armv7 2016
Microsoft Lumia 950 microsoft-talkman aarch64 2015 Kernel compiles and boots. Bringing-up other components
Microsoft Surface 2 microsoft-surface-2 armv7 2013 supported in grate kernel, but not packaged
Microsoft Surface Duo epsilon 2020
Mikrotik RB3011 mikrotik-rb3011 armv7 2015
Mobvoi Ticwatch E/S mobvoi-mooneye armv7 2017
Motorola Droid X2 motorola-daytona armv7 2011
Motorola Moto G Stylus (2021) minsk aarch64 2021 Stock kernel doesn't compile at all. I've had some luck compiling a LineageOS kernel (not tested yet but it seems to build), but pmbootstrap still doesn't build it. I could still be doing something wrong.
Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition motorola-merlin aarch64 2015
Motorola Photon Q motorola-asanti armv7 2012
Nasa Ingenuity nasa-ingenuity armv7 2020 Hard to get access to the hardware
Navon iQ7 2018 navon-iq7-2018 aarch64 2018
NEC Terrain nec-terrain armv7 2013 no work started yet
Netgear PTV3000 netgear-ptv300 armhf
Next Thing Co. CHIP ntc-chip armv7 2015 Kernel compiles and boots, u-boot needs to be packaged
Nextbook 8 nextbook-nxm865fd armv7 2014
NGM WeMove Action ngn-wemove-action armv7 2012
Nintendo Switch nintendo-nx aarch64 2017 Kernel and bootloader compiles, but freezes on boot
Nokia 5 (2017) nokia-nd1 aarch64 2017
Nokia Lumia 530 nokia-rock armv7 2014
Nokia Lumia 625 nokia-max armv7 2013 grub is loaded
Nokia Lumia 820 nokia-arrow armv7 2012
Nokia Lumia 920 nokia-phi armv7 2012
Nokia Lumia 925 nokia-catwalk armv7 2013
Nokia Lumia 930 nokia-martini armv7 2014
Nokia N8 nokia-vasco armhf 2010
Nokia N810 nokia-selene armhf 2007 kernel compiles, doesn't boot
Nokia N950 nokia-n950 armv7 2011
Nubia Z17 nx563j aarch64 2017
Nvidia Tegra Note 7 nvidia-tegratab armv7 2013
ODROID N2 odroid-n2 aarch64 2019
OnePlus Nord N200 5G oneplus-dre aarch64 2021 Can't test while my N200 is being borrowed
Onn Tablet Gen 3 onn-kelvin armv7 '"`UNIQ--ref-00000A82-QINU`"' 2022 The boot.img doesn't work, and I currently don't have UART access.
Oppo A31 oppo-a31t armv7 2014
Oppo A37 oppo-a37f aarch64 2016
Oppo Neo 5 oppo-r1201 armv7 2015
Oysters T74ER oysters t74er armv7 2015
Oysters T84Bi 4G oysters-t84bi-4g aarch64 2016
Palm Pre palm-castle armv7 2009
PINE64 Ox64 riscv64 2022
PocketBook Touch HD pocketbook-pb631 armv7 2017 U-Boot loads, SD cards don't work
Prestigio Prestigio MultiPad PMT5008 3G prestigio-pmt5008-3g armv7 2016 No kernel sources, but mainline starts up and serial console works
Proscan PLT9650G proscan-plt9650g armv7 2015 kernel compiles, doesn't boot
PxPhone PxPhone I5 TV WIFI armv7 2012 Trying to port U-Boot
QEMU N900 qemu-rx51 armv7
QEMU vexpress qemu-vexpress armv7
Realme GT Master Edition realme-lunaa aarch64 2021
Research In Motion (Quanta) Blackberry PlayBook blackberry-playbook armv7 2011
Samsung Acclaim samsung-sch-r880 armhf 2012 kernel compiles. Cannot flash device.
Samsung Exhibit II 4G samsung-t679 armv7 2011 Kernel compiles; flashing and booting are to be tested soon
Samsung Galaxy A01 a01q aarch64 2020 The kernel is built, but the bootloader does not start it
Samsung Galaxy A10 samsung-a10 aarch64 2019
Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho (SM-A127F/DSN) a12s aarch64 2021 pmbootstap install fails (at the "mkbootimg" part)
Samsung Galaxy A50 samsung-a50 aarch64 2019
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G samsung-a52sxq aarch64 2021 No port yet
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G samsung-a53x aarch64 2022 Sort of borked
Samsung Galaxy A70 samsung-a70q aarch64 2019
Samsung Galaxy Ace samsung-s5830 armhf 2011
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 LTE samsung-loganrelte armv7 2013 none
Samsung Galaxy Alpha samsung-sltexx armv7 2014
Samsung Galaxy Camera samsung-gd1 armv7 2012
Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 samsung-sf2wifi armv7 2014
Samsung Galaxy Core LTE samsung-afyonlte armv7 2014
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus samsung-grandneove3g armv7 2014
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime VE LTE samsung-grandprimevelte aarch64 2015
Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 samsung-j3ltespr aarch64 2016 Dropped. It needs a new device tree.
Samsung Galaxy K Zoom samsung-m2alte, samsung-m2altecan, samsung-m2a3g, samsung-m2altelgt armv7 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ samsung-d2s aarch64 2019
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 International (3g) ha3g armv7 2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Exynos) samsung-greatlte aarch64 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Qualcomm) samsung-greatqlte aarch64 2017
Samsung Galaxy Pocket cori armhf 2012 Kernel compiles, but doesn't boot (stuck on bootloader logo)
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo samsung-corsica armv7 2013 kernel compiles, doesn't boot (gcc6)
Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus/ Galaxy Mini Plus samsung-tassve armhf 2012 Kernel compiles, flashing doesn't work
Samsung Galaxy S samsung-i9000 armv7 2010 Boots, not upstreamed
Samsung Galaxy S Duos samsung-s7562 armhf 2012
Samsung Galaxy S II LTE samsung-celox 2011
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra samsung-p3s aarch64 2021 reboots in less than a second after boot, bootloader issue?
Samsung Galaxy Star samsung-mint armv7 2013 device package not available anymore
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Wi-Fi samsung-p1lite armv7 2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S-Pen (SM-P580) samsung-gtanotexlwifi aarch64 2016
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2018 SM-T590 (gta2xlwifi) aarch64 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) SM-T500 samsung-gta4lwifi aarch64 2020
Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1 (WiFi) samsung-n2awifi armv7 2014
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 samsung-mondrianwifi armv7 2013 porting lk2nd to it (see
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" LTE samsung-chagalllte armv7 2014
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 LTE sm-t825 aarch64 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Wi-Fi (SM-T720) samsung-gts4lvwifi aarch64 2019
Samsung Galaxy Watch (SM-R800, SM-R805, SM-R810, SM-R815) samsung-galileo aarch64 2018 You will end up with a hardbrick.
Samsung Galaxy Y samsung-totoro armhf 2011 kernel compiles, can't flash normally although flashing the boot.img through TWRP seems to work, does not boot
Samsung Gear 2 samsung-rinato, samsung-sm-r380 armv7 2014
Samsung J2 samsung-j2xlte armv7 2016
Samsung Jét samsung-s8000 armhf 2009
Samsung Star/ Tocco Lite / Avila / Player One samsung-gt-s5230 ARMv4 2009 CPU uses armv4 (Not supported by Alpine Linux)
Samsung Wave 2 samsung-s8530 armv7 2010 kernel compiles
Sony PlayStation Vita psvita armv7 2011
Sony SmartWatch 3 sony-tetra armv7 2014 Kernel compiles,
Sony Sony Bravia KDL-43W755C sony-braviaw700 armv7 2015
Sony Tablet S sony-nbx03
Sony Xperia 10 II sony-pdx201 aarch64 2020
Sony Xperia 10 III sony-pdx213 aarch64 2021
Sony Xperia acro S (LT26w) sony-hikari armv7 2012 Uses unusual ELF-format boot.img that is not supported by pmOS
Sony Xperia E Dual sony-nanhu armv7 2013
Sony Xperia J sony-jlo armv7 2012
Sony Xperia P sony-nypon armv7 2012
Sony Xperia SP sony-huashan armv7 2013 Boots up. No screen so far.
Sony Xperia U sony-kumquat armv7 2012
Sony Xperia X Compact sony-kugo aarch64 2016
Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra sony-discovery aarch64 2018
Sony Xperia XZ sony-kagura aarch64 2016
Sony Xperia XZ Premium sony-maple aarch64 2017
Sony Xperia XZ1 sony-poplar aarch64 2017
Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact sony-lilac aarch64 2017 kernel compiles, does not boot
Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro semc-iyokan armv7 2011 Kernel compiles; device boots, but gets stuck in a boot loop. The USB network does come up, but not long enough to do any debugging
Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 semc-shakira armhf 2010
StarFive VisionFive 2 starfive-visionfive2 riscv64 2022 pmOS port hasn't been attempted yet
Teclast P89 Mini teclast-p89mini x86 2013 no kernel sources, might boot kernel 5.11 with its SFI support
Teracube One teracube-one aarch64 2019
TI TI-nspire(original) CHANGE_ME armv7 2007
Timex FamilyConnect Senior timex-senior
Tolino (RakutenKobo/DE) Vision1 vision armv7 2014
Topwise A721 topwise-a721 armv7 2012 -
TP-Link Archer C7 V5 tp-link-archer-c7-v5 MIPS 2023-10-20 Unsupported Architecture
TP-Link Neffos C7s neffos-c7s aarch64 2019 locked bootloader, need compatible loaders for flashing
Tronsmart Draco H3 tronsmart-dracoh3 armv7 2014
Unihertz Titan Pocket unihertz-titan-pocket aarch64 2021
Verizon Wear24 verizon-dorado armv7 2017
Verizon (Quanta) Verizon Ellipsis 7 QMV7B verizon-qmv7b armv7 2013 No way to flash safely
Volla Phone X volla-yggdrasilx aarch64 2021 pmOS port hasn't been attempted yet
Volla Phone X23 volla-vidofnir aarch64 2023 pmOS port hasn't been attempted yet, bootimg header v4 (GKI 2.0)
Wiko Fever wiko-fever aarch64 2015
Wiko Harry wiko-harry aarch64 2017 no downstream kernel source available
Wiko Sunset 2 wiko-sunset2 armv7 2015
Wileyfox Swift 2X wileyfox-marmite aarch64 2017 kernel compiles, does not boot
Xiaomi 12 Pro xiaomi-zeus aarch64 2021 not mainlined yet
Xiaomi 12T Pro / Redmi K50 Ultra xiaomi-diting aarch64 2022 not mainlined yet
Xiaomi Mi 10 xiaomi-umi aarch64 2020 none
Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G xiaomi-apollo aarch64 2020
Xiaomi Mi 11 xiaomi-venus aarch64 2021
Xiaomi Mi 5X xiaomi-tiffany, xiaomi-rossy aarch64 2017 Boots, not in pmaports
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 xiaomi-jason aarch64 2017
Xiaomi Mi TV Stick xiaomi-aquaman aarch64 2020 Didn't make a port yet
Xiaomi Pad 6 xiaomi-pipa aarch64 2023
Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro (Redmi K30 Pro) xiaomi-lmi aarch64 2020 none
Xiaomi POCO F5 / Redmi Note 12 Turbo xiaomi-marble aarch64 2022 not mainlined yet
Xiaomi POCO F5 Pro / Redmi K60 xiaomi-mondrian aarch64 2023 not mainlined yet
Xiaomi Redmi 2A lte26007 2015
Xiaomi Redmi 5 rosy aarch64 2017
Xiaomi Redmi 9C xiaomi-angelica aarch64 2020 untested
Xiaomi Redmi 9T NFC xiaomi-lemon aarch64 2021
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G xiaomi-camellian aarch64 2021 none
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro xiaomi-violet aarch64 2019
Xiaomi Redmi Pad yunluo aarch64 2022 not ported yet
Xtreamer Multi-Console xtreamer-mc armv7 2014
Xunlong Orange Pi 4G-IoT xunlong-orangepi4giot aarch64 2018
ZTE Blade X3 T620, A452, Q519T, depending on region aarch64 2015
ZTE Grand X Max+ zte-z987 armv7 2015 "kernel is yet to compile"
ZUK Z1 zuk-z1-ham armv7 2015