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This user has ported postmarketOS to 1 device(s).

🐧 This user is currently trying to mainline the samsung-coreprimevelte.


This user's main device is a Samsung Galaxy A50 (samsung-a50).

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I ported portmarketOS to the LG Optimus L3 II (lg-vee3e).

Owns devices

Device Notes
LG Optimus L3 II (lg-vee3e)
Samsung Galaxy A50 (samsung-a50) Stock ROM, daily driver
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (samsung-a5y17lte) Dead screen, possibly the display cable just got disconnected?
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime VE LTE (samsung-coreprimevelte) Currently mainlining
Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 (samsung-j3xnlte)