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postmarketOS running Plasma Mobile on top of mainline Linux on the Google Nexus 5.

postmarketOS is a touch-optimized and pre-configured Alpine Linux. It can be installed on smartphones and other devices. It is in a very early, experimental state and not usable for most people yet. pmbootstrap allows installation and development of pmOS.

Getting Started


The utopic vision and goals!
Where individuals want to take the project

Devices & Installation

Installation guide for devices which are already working.
Quite a few Android devices, plus the Flame and N900.
Devices we would like to see pmOS running on.


This page contains a list of all Wiki pages.
How postmarketOS starts up.
Frequently asked questions
Guide for Screen Calibration.
Some phones have a serial port accessible from the outside
Our work-in-progress device-specific file format.
This list is a collection of presentations, talks and other resources
List of technical term related to this project


Porting to a new device and general installation guide.
Start hacking on postmarketOS without having the kernel source code.
The page to read when something isn't working.
Early work on getting device kernels into mainline Linux.
Getting started with hacking on the code.
Using pmbootstrap build --src to create patches for packages .
A deeper insight into the Firmware
Everything below the kernel, bootloaders, modem firmware etc..
Contribute the patches and improvements back to the original project.
Different Flash methods for different devices.

Software Management

Creating a package and how to recycle package recipes from other distributions.
To build a package with pmbootstrap.
The phone interfaces we are working on.
Official repository of postmarketOS.

Alpine Linux

All about the package build recipe format (that is not unlike PKGBUILDs from Arch Linux).
Search for packages and package contents.

Communication channels

Live chat makes development easier.
Besides bugs, lots feature ideas and questions
Photos of devices running pmOS, blog posts, questions, official announcements

Wiki Editing

List of postmarketOS Wiki specific templates.
MediaWiki specific markup reference
List of files uploaded to the Wiki.
Display shell-session listings or source code.