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This user's main device is a Purism_Librem5_(purism-librem5).

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Here to help with testing. :)

Owns devices

  • Purism Librem 5 (purism-librem5)
  • PINE64 PinePhone v1.2b (pine64-pinephone)
  • PINE64 Pinebook Pro (pine64-pinebookpro)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 2015 (samsung-gt510) (WiFi)
  • OnePlus 6 (oneplus-enchilada)
  • Google Pixel 3a (google-sargo)

Device Notes
Google Pixel 3a (google-sargo)
OnePlus 6 (oneplus-enchilada)
PINE64 Pinebook Pro (pine64-pinebookpro)
PINE64 PinePhone (pine64-pinephone) v1.2b
Purism Librem5 (purism-librem5) Evergreen, SparkLAN WiFi
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 2015 (samsung-gt510) WiFi