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Android devices:

- Xiaomi Pocophone F1: - Vernee Apollo Lite (met a leg of a moveable chair when I repaired an iPhone.. screen splintered; got new screen and that splintered first day. GG. But it's not dead.) - Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos - Oppo Neo 7 A33W - Archos 64 Xenon (family member used it.. tl;dr: screen is dead now and I wasn't able to get a replacement part three years after launch.. Maybe I can turn on adb via a rubber ducky?) - ZTE Blade L7 (got it broken. Doesn't turn on.)

Apple devices: - iPod 2G - iPhone 3GS - iPhone 4 - iPhone 5S (got it broken. Either display or problems with a part on mobo: screen flickers blue or red.)

Also have a bunch of older phones that I got from other people. I won't name all of them now but I have e.g. the Vodafone 555 blue. One family had a Nokia XL that he gave away to someone else.