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This user's main device is a Samsung Galaxy A5 2015 (samsung-a5).

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Hello, my name is UltrasonicMadness and I am a daily user of PostmarketOS as my main on-the-go operating system.

My Devices

Device Notes
Amazon Kindle Fire HD (amazon-tate) 16 GB
Apple iPad 1G (apple-ipad1g) Does not power on
Generic PC
Generic x64 UEFI device
HTC Desire C (htc-golfu) PL01110
Microsoft Lumia 650 LTE (microsoft-saana)
Nintendo 3DS (nintendo-ctr)
Raspberry Pi 3 (raspberry-pi3)
Samsung Galaxy A5 2015 (samsung-a5) SM-A500FU, daily driver
Samsung Galaxy S III (samsung-m0) GT-I9300
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0" (samsung-espresso3g) espressowifi version

Odds and Ends

  • A Micro USB to USB-A adapter.