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Updated Architecture on Asus Eee Pad

Hi Okias I just recently saw your edit regarding the architecture of the Asusu Eee Pas: I just had the same issue with the samsung Galaxy Ace II x: it was armhf but the chip supports armv7. The problem here is that the port ist still for amrhf architecture. So if we just change it in the wiki, it is different in the wiki then how it is for the moment. Maybe it would make sense to add an information for this in the wiki. I am working on changing the port of the Galaxy Ace II x to armv7 and when I have finished I will change the information, so that noone is confused. How do you think about this ?

Someone could be confused, but more confusing is to have armhf in wiki, where should be _real_ device architecture. That device uses old arch, at least someone notice sooner (why am I build for armhf when it's armv7).. IMHO. Not sure about making more clear it uses armhf, but in reality it's armv7 :( haven't find any pretty solution for that.

Definitely see your point. When I am right, at the beginning there was no support of armv7 but for armhf. Anyway, maybe I will open an issue abou that on gitlab.

Installation to userdata on grouper

Hi. I was just wondering how did you manage to find out what partition to dd to? i have been trying to figure it out. thanks

EDIT: never mind figured it out. I will update the wiki